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How It Works

The program is called 12 daily pro, and it has been around for 6 months. It only takes five minutes of surfing a day, you click a button and it automatically surfs them for you, with a 25 second timer. If you surf 12 pages a day for 12 days it will pay you 12% of the money you put in for 12 days, or 144% return on your money. You use a stormpay account which is like a paypal account, and with fees you make roughly 140% on your money in 12 days, plus 6 days for the money to transfer from 12dailypro to your stormpay account and for you to be able to buy back in. The concept is basically in the power of compounding interest, which as a business major I am sure you understand.

So if you take one hundred dollars
100 x 1.4 = $140. (18 days) 140x 1.4=196 (36 days) 196x1.4 = $274 (54 days)

The larger amount of money the larger return obviously. And you can choose to keep the money or put it all, or part of it into 12 dailypro to keep compounding. The risk is that the program may not be around forever, but you will be able to take your principal out in roughly a month if you want to to eliminate risk.

You should call me and get together so I can show how I did everything in person, and help you set it up. I met with someone yesterday, and I am meeting with someone else tonight to do just that.

Give me a call

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