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Snow Sketches 2

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Corgi and snowpile

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Jan 22nd 06 Sketch Commentary

The Corgi and the Snow Pile

Saw this in Nagahara. A blanketted corgi straining to check out a pile of snow at the foot of a lamp post.


Fighting Over Sleigh

On a superb ice-covered slope little sister trying to wrest a plastic sleigh from her bigger brother; voices raised and razing.


Clearing Snow

Me clearing a safe ice-free path out of the entrance to our building


Trash Bag Sleigh

Ingenious kid using a plastic bag to slide on the icy slope.

Clearing snow

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Fighting over sleigh

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Trash bag sleigh

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Collages 3

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Missed the eye 1- Collage

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Sakura Pulp - Collage

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Sakura Woolf - Collage 25thFeb06

Cut up newspaper snaps: Japanese cranes + soccer player`s shaved head + cherry blossom and sky + white background.

First attracted to the black on white pattern of the cranes and rotated it to find a satisfactory viewpoint. This determined the placing of the rest.

The cut-out of shoulders and  cleavage a happy modification; white edging to head effective accident due to shoddy scissorwork.

Cut-out necklace allows white background to show through ( with her bizarre make-up probably redundant ).

The bulbous white area top left a mistake.

The whole has been cropped, rotated, colour saturated and sharpened. Happy with the facing left but withdrawing right flow of composition.

Title a humorous link to a sharp-nosed old bat from the 20s London literary scene wearing a seasonal frock.

Missed the eye - Collage Feb 2006

Background: diagonally cut strips of text layed in opposite directions.

Top: German stamps.

Centre: Newspaper cartoon.

Gratuitous addition: wrinkled leaf pasted on cut-out of skirt and legs made from  gold chocolate wrapper.

Border randomly notched.

Completely missed the eye-shape from the illustration as a compositional guide line. Suggestion of a goldfish`s eye or turtle head. Might have had an acquatic theme.

Used photo-software to saturate, sharpen and vary colour disposition; retrieved two copies from this activity.

GW Pics 4

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Picture 1

`Separating the red peppers`

Mrs K.  is separating red peppercorns from the tangle of her otherwise excellent spaggetti dish for pre-detonation reasons. 

Picture 2

`Impromtu Recital`

Y. and I playing `Smash the Windows` at Frau Monica Brier`s exhibition of her folktale illustrations in Okayama. A small appreciative audience do the usual.


`Dandelion Garden`

Wonderful garden with dandelions and tulips owned by the intangible gardener.

Picture 3

`Snail Pace`

I walked this path a week earlier and noticed, and avoided stepping on, a young snail traversing the path. A week later saw the same snail on the same path but in a different place. My role model.

Picture 4


Saw these humungous barrels in a disused soya/miso factory. Just the mother and daughter live there now. Wonderful feeling to the place.

Picture 5

`Garden Movie`

I used my little Lumix camera to shoot a movie of the garden from rose gate to stone latern. This place is magical.


2007 Jan 1st oval pencil sketch

Ingredients: PHYSICAL- beachcombed vertebra, pieces of wood, tiny fugu, finger cartoon character, small shard of glazed pottery. Method: Arranged the above on table and sketched inside an oval with pencil. Added details from the day`s events in no particular order - kite flying/temple steps and tree/2 people using PC/ cat/ smoking sage/Dervish with 2 different sticks/container of Indian tea stuff/Chips/person taking a snap/shelter over stone handwashing basin/ heavy round stone fireplace/big brown teapot

Golden Week Pictures 2006

5 sketches of 5 events.