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Hi everyone in 5/6M (Sunday 10th) Only 4 days till our mini Olympics. Hope you have information on the country your team is representing (e.g. location, population, language spoken, size, special features and Olympic athletes). Gather clothing in the colours of your country's flag to wear on the day. Remember the Olympic spirit at all times and be good leaders for the other members of your team. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics in Beijing. Remember to check the newspapers as well as watching TV. Be ready also to access the oficial site for lots of news and info. Please check the activities below. Remember the calendar is a partner to your diary and remember that now your homework requirements are also listed. Have fun exploring the other sections (what can Protopuppy do?) and please tell us when you find something good.

Homework due

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Begin looking in papers and magazines to collect articles and information on a favourite sports personality. Olympics websites may be useful, 



Also we want any interesting articles on Sport or the Olympics for our Media Board.

Watch for any issues related to sport that are discussed on TV, in newspapers and magazines.


This site will give you the daily events schedule for any Australians competing in Beijing.



Maths Dictionary

Remember to colour in on the chart the maths activities you have completed on this Dictionary site.



Read fraction notation and write in your maths book the definitions of proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Write 3 proper fractions and at least 1 equivalent fraction for each.

The following should have been completed last term but if you haven't, then do it a.s.a.p.

5's and 6's. Read the section on fractions and complete the activities on equivalent fractions and fraction puzzles. Write some examples and a report in your maths book.

6's try the section on fraction calculators. Write some examples and a report in your maths book.






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The word "orchis" was first used by Theophrastos, in his book "De historia plantarum". He was a student of Aristotle and is considered the father of botany and ecology.

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