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Hi folks. That's me, My name is Aamir Mahmood. I use to work here, if you know me then it is good, but if you don't know me, I must have to tell you little bit about my self. First I am a boy, hehe. I am only 23 years old, so don't think that I am so old like 'Adam'. I like -if I don't include arts- music, poetry, some kind of movies, computer, computer and computer. I am very beginner in the field of the ARTS so if you want me to improve my work, just mail me with out any hesitation on my email address:


I like to be liked, and want to like someone. I am good by heart. Know lots of jokes. Always ready to make fun. Even wrote some of the poems. I like poetry, but it needs so much time. Ohhh also I know some of the MAGIC tricks, including some coin and card tricks, that's why I think that the person with me will never bore, but also I never easily frank with any one. I think this is enough. And thank you for reading this all because I know that nobody read all of this stuff, And the last thing is that I am tired to write any more.

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Cell phone #: +92-333-4332434



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