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Chapter 1

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Part 1

There I was small and unaware. That was the way that I always was. Running around without a care in the world. Thats what my parents told me when I was 6 years. I didn't care though I was proud of who I was. That was the way I had always been. I loved playing. It didnt matter if I was playing with other people or just by myself I always made the best of everything. My Aunt Pam and Uncle Ted's house was like an amusment park when I was little. Rope swings, bouncy couchs, big sheds, puppies! It was a blast. My best friend loved their house too. Her name was Thea. She was almost 3 years older than me. Brown hair,brown eyes. She was just an average girl. She loved to come over and hang out with me whenever I went over to my aunt's and uncle's house. I remember her coming over one afternoon. We both loved the movie Greese. I remember we went outside. We decided that we wanted to act out the whole movie of Greese. I was just singing and dancing away. The part when everyone is singing on the car I wasnt able to do on the ground.So we put me on the rope swing. I was singing and dancing on the rope swing when I started going out of control. I stopped singing and dancing once I noticed that things weren't going well. I remember spinning out of control and things getting blurry. I blackouted out for a quick second but I remember feeling my head hit the tree that the rope swing was on. When I got my vision completly back I was laying on the ground. My cousin was standing there asking me if I was okay. I got up and said, "Yeah, ... I think so.Let's go inside now." When we were walking in I felt something on my neck.

Part 2

My first reaction was that it was just sweat. Maybe because it was 98 degrees out. I remember putting my hand to the back of my neck while walking in. When I pulled my hand away from my neck and looked at my hand I remember seeing a glimering red on my head. I screamed at the top of my lungs saying, "I AM BLEEDING!" My cousin grabbed me and rushed me inside. She called downstairs to my Uncle Ted telling him to get up stairs. When he came up stairs my cousin told him right away. He took off to their garage and got their first aid kit. When he came inside he couldn't figure out how to stop the bleeding so he decided to just wrap my head up while my cousin called my dad. My dad rushed over as fast as he could. I remember him picking me up and carrying me straight to the car. We had to stop at my house to pick up my mom. I walked up stairs and found my mom in her closet throwing shoes. When she saw me she started crying. I told her that we had to go now. While we were driving to the emergency room I could feel blood coming through the wrap that my uncle put on my head. I told my dad that he needed to drive a little faster. When we finally arrived I was taken to a room right away. They re-wrapped my head and told me to tell them all about what happended. When I was done they looked at it very closely and told me to wait there. When they came back they had a head chopping machine! Well at least thats what I looked like to a 6 year old. But really it was just a head stappler. The nurse held my head on the sides really hard and the doctor put in 3 staples. They went over all the rules and how to take care of the area. When we went home I just sat down and thought about the crazy,scary day I just had.

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The Tree.....

The killer!

Chapter 2

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Sticky note

"Dad hurry up!" I screamed up the stairs. I had a huge volleyball match tonight. That wasn't the only big event going on though, it was also my 16th birthday! I was as exicted as a clown. The only bad part was that I was so tired. There was no time to waste though. I ran up stairs to put my hair in a high ponytail, put on a headband, throw on my light grey volleyball shirt, pure black shorts and head off. I walked through the doors while my ponytail flipped around in the air. After warming up a little it was time for the game. I couldn't mess around tonight. This wasn't a little practice it was the championship. I pulled up my knee pads that were hard as a rock. With them my knees would be completely safe. The screetching music of the whistle went off. It was game on now. I hit the serve high letting my other teamates come and hit it over. This was a basic play for me. I hit it, they set it, I come back and spike it. I was focused to play this game to the best of my ability. This is how most of the game went on. Except for one play. My tiredness was shimmering through my eyes like the sun. I was trying to focus but couldn't fully.The serve was coming in fast and I tried to duck but the ball hit my head hard. My headband jumped off my head like a rocket. Flying across the gym. I got up and brushed off my black shorts slowly. That didn't slow me down though. I was still focused and trying to make every play. The game was almost over, our best server was up. I looked next to me and saw the ankle breaker. Rolling on the court as smoothly as ice skates on ice. I yelled to the ref. "Stop the play! Stop the play!!" But no one heard me. I was a silent voice in a loud crowd. *Smack* the ball had been hit there was no stopping the play now. I saw the ankle breaker coming closer to the court. The girl next to me was unaware of the ball coming towards her. "MOVE!" I yelled at the girl. She looked at me thinking that I ment I wanted to get the ball. She was about to step back when I ran and pushed her the out of way. Grabing the ball and throwing it back to the other court. The game was stopped right away. There was a timeout called by the ref. I ran over to the sidelines to get some ice cold water. I slowly drank my water sip by sip. I slip back in my mind to the time when I relized that I need to be more aware of my surrrodings. I rememberd when I was 6 years old and I hit my head into my aunts tree. Sitting in the doctors office that night I relized that sometimes you have to look around and see what else is going on instead of just worring about what you are doing.

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The Ankle Breaker

The court