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Learning Intentions

March Fourth '08 -I will understand and be able to describe what an MP3 is. -I will understand and be able to describe what a WAV is. -I will understand the difference between the two and when they would be used. March Eleventh '08 -I will have added at least four tracks which work well together using the Loop Browser. -I will have finished the music and I will have exported them to iTunes. March Eighteen, '08 -I will have finished my peice of music in GarageBand. -I will have adapted my GarageBand piece of music to create a ringtone. -I will have exported my music and converted it to an MP3. April Eight, '08 -I will have decided on the clips to use for my movie. -I will have imported clips into iMovie. -I will have extracted audiofrom the clips. -I will have cut out the parts of the clips I want to use. April Fifteenth, '08 -I will have selected 3 or 4 movie clips and added them to iMovie. I may have included still images as well. -I will have added a soundtrack to my movie. -I will have added aproppriate effects tp my movie. April Twenty-Second, '08 -I will have thought about what makes a good website. -I will have looked at and evaluated various websites. -I will have made notes on what makes a good website on my protopage. May Sixth, '08 -I will have reminded myself about what makes a good website. -I will have identified and modified styles on a webpage. -I will have changed colours and worked with tables on a webpage. May Thirteenth, '08 -I will have set up a website using Freeway. -I will know how to insert hyper links. -I will have added a table and the information to create a healthy living site. -I will have started my own website. May 27th, '08 -I will have set up my own website using freeway -I will have added information on my interests. -I will have inserted hyperlinks between pages and to other sites.

What Makes A Good Website?

~Colourful and Bright ~Mix of Media -Not complicated ~Easy to Use ~Interactive =)

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-An MP3 is a smal file used to store audio.
-Short for MPEG.
-Used to save files to a small device.
-Reduces size by 90%

-A WAV is an uncompressed audio file.
-Short for waveform.
-Used by Windows as standard.


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