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Welcome to Protopage

Hey students of Mrs. Albanese's eighth grade class what's up? Well one thing is this awesome new protopage this allows me to edit this page and tell you about upcoming events ect.. Feel free to look around and here a cool thing with this website you may move around all of the boxes so have a great time playing around with this.




web master

Wow! This looks like our sign!!


AR books always wanted!!! Please always read our goal for this year is 24 books for every person!! Testingis available in the library!!

Albanese School Blog

Now that we have a blog there is a new link on this page it goes to the albanese school blog. This is a great place were we can communicate and respond to different ideas. It is awesome so come rite over and check it out!!!


If you have an idea i am in Mr.Evans until 8:25, and i am in Mr.Didycz's teacher advisiory.Or you can e-mail me at tinkerbell_cheers1392@yahoo if you e-mail me title your message Protopage/Help or I will not respond or post your idea!!!

Remember The Vikings??

Home of the Cape Henlopen Vikings

Get out your singing voices...

If you or one of your friends has a birthday coming up please put their first name and date of birthday on a piece of paper and bring it to me in homeroom!!( homeroom class info in help box)


Tynisha - January 20

Stephanie - January 21

Stepfon - March 12

Zach H- January 25

Shaq N - March 8

Allison L - February 4

Kayla W - February 22

Shay S - March 5


The Wiki!!!

Please also keep track of the Wiki it is being updated all of the time. If you do not remember what the address is it is link in the shortcuts box up in the top left of this page. All you have to do is click on it and you'll be there so please check it out we are putting a ton of work into it!!!

My new person


Now we have Kim and she is going to tell you a little bit about herself.


>>> Hey I'm Kimmy. I moved here from Virginia two years ago. I love hanging out with my freinds, chillin out at the beach, and PARTYING!!  I'm not uaually very shy so you can talk to me in school or anytime you see me.  



Mrs. Pfeiffer!!!

A christmas miracle!!

A Fun Night

Best Friends !!!!

We got it goin' on!!!!!

Check out little Cassidy!!!!!

And don't forget the pyrimid in the back!!!

An awesome performance!!!

This was the "12 Days of December" play. Great Job!

Look at the new uniforms!!!!!

Boys Basketball Team!!!!

Wrestling Team!!!!

Girls Basketball team!!

Dance Time 07

Mr. "I can Skate 99mph"

Three Girls!!!!


The Three Musketeers


Friends for Ever

Time To Dance?????


Friends or Not Friends???


Rockin' the dance floor!!!!!



Plain sticky notes


Beads of spring rain slipping slowly down the wind chimes Quietly dozing under a clock without hands the museum keeper Freshly fallen snow opening a new package of typing paper Summer evening the grandchildwaves once more at the empty road Waiting dry snowflakes fall againstthe headlights On the mountain slope the stillness of white pines in the falling snow Deep whithin the stream The huge fish lye motionless facing the current Time after time caterpiller climbs the broken stem then probes behind Half of the minows whithin the sunlite shadow are not really there The sparkler goes out and with it the face of the child The names of the dead sinking deeper and deeper into the red leaves The circus tent all folder up October mist An empty elevator opens and closes

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Edgar Allan Poe!

Edger Allan Poe was on of

the most different poet he

invented the horror or science

fiction books. He wrote a

famous poem called the

 "Black Cat"and he also  wrote

so many other poems but

I cannot type them it would

 take me about a month as

 slow as I type.

2nd Place Winner of The John Milton Poetry Contest!!!

Forever Remembered Star


John Milton Is like a star,

burning with an exhilarating flame

Of knowledge and passion

But yet so lost in the darkness

Of the world.


Like every star in the sky,

John Milton is full of loneliness and independence

But never close was even close to being alone.


And just as ever star stands still,

With no movement over time

His poems made time stand stillin our past history


But like every star

He burned out of existence

And leaving only but a memory

And even though he is gone

Our rememborance of him will live on forever



Our Favorite Poems!!

"Nothing Gold can Stay"     

"Theme for English B"

"Oh Captian My Captian"



John Milton is back......

As You know we are now studing John Miton. He was a poet and a very outspoken guy who wanted his chance to change life!!

Maya Angelou!!

We have read two of Maya's poems so far and we all like them. She has taught us valuble life lessons about race and just all of life. She is a great person and deserves much recongnition!!!


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The wonderful world of VOCABULARY!!!


Plot- Also can be called a storyline. The plan, scheme, or, main story of a piece of literature.



Theme- A subject that most of the story has something to do with like family, war, or adoption.



Plot Diagram- a map of a story's structure and tells about the sequence of events that happen to the main characters.



Fragment- a group of words used as a sentence; lacks a subject, adverb or some other assential part



Rambling- a sentence that seems to go on and on in a montinus fashion; most of the time it uses alot of one word (most commonly "and")



Run-on- two or more sentences joined without ediquit punctiation or a connecting word



Ambigiuous Wording- wording that is unclear because, it has two or more possible meetings



Dangling Modifier- modifier that appears to modify the wrongly spelled word



Dead Word- wording that fills up alot of space but does not add anything important or new to the overall meaning



Trite Expressions- A phrase that is overused and stale



Jargon- language used in a certain profession or by a certain group of people



Wordiness- Occours when extra words are used in a sentence



Cliche-  An overused word or phrase that quickly bores your audience



Substandard Language- Writing that we use everyday that is not appropiate in formal writing



Double Negative-  Two negitive in a sentence that causes the sentence to make no sence



Allitude- The height of a thing above refrence level



Camphor- A tought, gummy, vile, fragrent crystle content



Compartment- One of the parts in which a space is divided



Connsiuer- A person with expert knowledge or opinion in a specific subject



Consensus- A general agreement



Coursive- Having the capibilty to cause corosion



Delectable- Highly pleasing, very close to perfect




Short Stories

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Short Stories

We did a unit on short stories and a few people actually went to see the opera Carmen. We read the short story Carmen in class but the kids that saw the play said that there was absoutly no comparing the two and that the opera was so fantastic it was hard to describe!!!! 

Gift of The Magi!!

We have just finished reading the short story "The Gift of The Magi!!" It was a story of selfless giving. The theme of this story is love both people bought gifts for the other one but in order to do that the sold their favorite possentions to buy their spouses gift. But what they got rid of their spouse had bought something to use with that possention. The story has a very powerful ending and just an all around great theme!!

The Icing of The Cream!!

Our latest story was "The Icing of The Cream." This story tells us about the history of ice cream. It tells us how it was made ,who made it and when they made. It is a more interesting story than most of the others we have read this year!!

Raymond's Run!

In class we read "Raymond's Run". This was about a boy who was mentally challenged and his sister, Squeaky, kind of helped him.

Upcoming Events

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Capstone Project

We finished our research project and now we will be working on our capstone project. We made our own blogs and did an essay on something a time when we were proud of ourselves.

Were.... BACK!

Welcome back students! Hope you all had a great, relaxing spring break!


A Summer job??

Well alot of our 8th graders are getting to the age that they can get a job. Here are some helpful tips:

- Get a working permit from our school ( you have to be 14) this you can get from our guidence counceler.

- Make sure the place your appying knows you age

- Have transportation to and from your job everyday you work 

- Talk with your parents about your job

I'm getting a job this summer and will be happy to help you in any way


Upcoming Events!!