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Mr. Albertina's Regents Earth Science Cursor over calendar to see classroom activities.


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Vocabulary Lists

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Unit 1

Observation Inference Classification Direct Relationship Inverse Relationship (Indirect Relationship) Constant Relationship (Static Relationship) Cyclic Relationship Extrapolate Independent Variable Dependent Variable Density Mass Volume

Unit 4

Asthenosphere Ocean Trench Continental Crust Outer Core Convergent Plate Boundary Plate Crust Plate tectonic Theory Divergent Plate Boundary P-Waves Earthquake Seismic Wave Epicenter Subduction Hot Spot S-Waves Inner Core Tectonic Plate Lithosphere Transform Plate Boundary Lithospheric Plate Tsunami Mantle Volcanic Eruption Mid-Ocean Ridge Volcano Oceanic Crust

Unit 7

Condensation Cold front Conduction Cyclone Convection Dew point Electromagnetic Energy Front Electromagnetic Spectrum Humidity Energy Isobar Heat energy Jet stream Mechanical Energy Monsoon Radiation Occluded front Solidification Planetary wind belt Specific heat Precipitation Temperature Psychrometer Texture Radar Vaporization Relative humidity Wavelength Stationary front Air mass Station model Air Pressure Gradient Troposphere Anemometer Visibility Air pressure Warm front Atmospheric Transparency Water vapor Barometer

Unit 2

Atmosphere Isoline Contour Line Latitude Contour Interval Lithosphere Coordinate System Longitude Crust Pauses (of atmosphere) Elevation Polaris Equator Prime Meridian Gradient Profile Hydrosphere Slope Topographic Map

Unit 5

Abrasion Watershed Chemical Weathering Weathering Delta Barrier Island Erosion Deposition Finger lake Drumlin Flood plain Kettle Lake Glacial Parallel Scratches Moraine Glacier Outwash Plain Mass Movement Sand Dune Meander Sorted Sediment Physical Weathering Unsorted Sediment Sandbar Escarpment Sandblasting Landscape Sediment Landscape Region Stream Mountain Stream Abrasion Plain Tributary Plateau U-shaped Valley Stream Drainage Pattern V-shaped Valley Uplifting Forces

Unit 8

Angle of Incidence Hydrologic Cycle El Nino Infiltrate Global Warming Permeability Greenhouse Gasses Porosity Heat Budget Prevailing Winds Ice Ages Runoff Insolation Sorted Ozone Stream Discharge Transpiration Unsorted Capillarity Water Cycle Climate Water Retention Ground Water Water Table

Unit 3

Bioclastic Sedimentary Rock Luster Chemical Sedimentary Rock Magma Clastic Sedimentary Rock Metamorphic Rocks Cleavage Metamorphism Contact Metamorphism Mineral Extrusive Igneous Rock Mineral Resources Foliation Organic Fossil Precipitation (of minerals) Fracture Regional Metamorphism Hardness Rock Cycle Igneous Rock Sedimentary Rocks Inorganic Streak Intrusive Igneous Rock Texture

Unit 6

Absolute Age Outgassing Bedrock Principle of Superposition Carbon-14 Dating Radioactive Dating Correlation Unconformity Cross-Cutting Relationships Uranium-238 Extrusion Volcanic Ash Fossil Folding Geologic Time Scale Fault Half-Life Tilt Index Fossil Original Horizontallity Intrusion Uniformitarianism

Unit 9

asteroid red shift Big Bang Theory revolution celestial object rotation comet solar system Doppler effect star eccentricity terrestrial planet ellipse universe focus axis of rotation galaxy constellation gravitation Coriolis effect impact crater eclipse Jovian planet Foucault pendulum luminosity geocentric model meteor heliocentric model Milky Way Galaxy phases of the moon moon tides nuclear fusion time zone

Exam Topics

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Exam #1

Safety Inverse Relationship Observation Constant Relationship Inference Cyclic Relationship Classification Density Measurement -relative Area -vs. volume Volume -vs. phase Rate of Change -vs. size Line Graph -vs. temperature Pie Graph -of fluids Direct Relationship -solve for D, M, or V Scientific Notation

Unit 4

Earth's Interior Plate Tectonics - ESRT p. 10 * - 3 plate boundaries - cont. vs. oceanic crust - what occurs - why inferred properties? - how they move - S-waves and the - what moves them outer core - subduction Continental Drift ESRT p. 5 * - Evidences used to prove Earthquakes Sea-Floor Spreading - ESRT p.11 * - age - depth - magnetic polarity - triangulation - distance to epicenter Volcanoes - travel time - locations - velocity of waves - hot spots

Unit 7

Energy Clouds - color and texture - air rises, etc. - specific heat - condensation nuclei - coonduction, convection and radiation - phase changes Air Masses - characteristics Temperature - source regions - temp. vs. density Fronts Pressure - where they belong - circulation - characteristics - highs and lows - what they do - movement of systems Station Models Wind - draw - land and sea breeze - read - high to low - pressure gradient Orographic Effect - planetary winds - air over a mountain Moisture Severe Weather - rate of evaporation - hurricane - temp. vs. dew point - tornado - transpiration - relative humidity Atmospheric Transparency Vocabulary

Exam #2

Latitude and Longitude Topographic Maps -lines -elevation -lat. is N or S -stream Flow -lon. is E or W -gradient Rate of rotation -profile Polaris -steep vs. gentle slope Graphic Relationships -distance ESRT p. 14 -contour interval -drawing isolines

Unit 5

Weathering Running Water - 4 ex. of physical - slope - 4 ex. of chemical -discharge - resistance to weathering - velocity - how climate affects weathering - erosion - deposition Soil - meanders - how it is made - abrasion - what it is made of - cross section - V-shaped valley Waves - flood plain - beaches - watershed - erosion - drainage pattern - deposition - horizontal sorting - vertical sorting Gravity - ESRT p. 6 - mass movements - erosion Glaciers - deposition - kettle lakes - finger lakes Wind - striations - erosion - erosion - deposition - deposition - drumlin Landscapes - moraine - plateau - outwash plain - mountain - U-shaped valley - plain - how to identify - climatic effects - ESRT p. 2 & 3

Unit 8

Groundwater Insolation - porosity - shadows - permeability - duration of insolation - capillarity - seasons - zone of aeration - lat. of direct rays - water table - dates and tilt - zone of saturation - sun's path -celestial spheres Water Cycle - 23 1/2 degree change - evaporation -color and texture - transpiration - condensation Climatic Factors - precipitation -marine vs. continental - runoff - planetary winds - infiltration - ocean currents - orographic effect Climate Change -latitude vs. temp. and precip. - greenhouse effect - elevation - global warming - warm air rises, - el nino less dense etc.

Exam #3

Minerals Igneous Rocks - 5 physical properties - 2 categories - ESRT p.16 * - how they form - IAOA -cooling time vs. grain size -ESRT p.6 * Sedimentary Rocks - 3 categories Rock Cycle - how they form - all rocks -> all rocks - ESRT p.7 * - how they form - ESRT p.6 * Metamorphic Rocks - 2 Categories - how they form - ESRT p.7 *

Unit 6

Relative Dating Absolute Dating -superposition -U-238 -sequencing -C-14 -contact metamorphism -half-life -unconformity -ESRT p.1 -cross-cutting relationships -decayed-undecayed -original horizontallity Fossils Correlation -what they tell us -index fossils -most things are extinct -matching rock layers Geologic Time Early Atmosphere -how old is Earth -outgassing -ESRT p.8 & 9 -no O2 early -ESRT p.2 & 3

Unit 9

Universe Celestial Spheres - structure - draw paths - Doppler effect - read paths - 4 specific dates Stars - ESRT p.15 Rotation - nuclear fusion - 15 degrees/hour - evidence Planets - Foucault pendulum - ESRT p.15 - coriolis effect - terrestrial and Jovian - time zones - geo and heliocentric - polar view diagrams - daily patterns Eccentricity - ESRT p.1 Revolution - velocity - 1 degree/day - kinetic energy - evidence - gravitational force - seasons - foci - date - major axis - position - lat. of direct rays The Moon -duration of insolation - phases - draw Tides - read - spring and neap - time required - position of - eclipses celestial objects - solar - lunar - position of celestial objects - rotation and revolution