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Alexander Calder has an older sister named Margaret "peggy" Calder. She was born 1896. Her married name was Margaret Calder Hayes.

His Grandparents

Artistic talent was in Calder's blood. His grandfather imigated from scotland to Philidelphia in 1968. His grandfather was also a sculptor.

His parents

Calder's parents were artists too. His farther also named alexander calder was a sculptor. His mother Nanette Lederer was a famous painter in Paris untill she went to America and found a husband, then got married and had a girl and boy.

Wife and children

Alexander Calder was married to Louisa James. She was a philosipher and they had two children. Their first daughter Sandra was born first in 1935. Then their second daughter Mary in 1939.


Calder as a young man


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Some of his art work.

Drawaings: Sculptures: - Artic Sunset - Back Camel with Blue Head and Red Tongue -Bathers -Black, White, and Ten Red -Bowtie - Blue and Red Bull with Yellow Head -The Circus - Cascading Flowers -Construction - Cow -Couple in Egypt - Crinkly Taureau -Curt Valentine - Crinkly Worm -The Dance - Deux Angles Droits -Four Petals - Finny Fish -A Fox and a Carv'd Head - Four White Petals -Head of a Sarte - Horse -La Vache - International Mobile


"Red Nose"

" The Bomb"


"A Birds Nest"

"Elephant whith lamp"

"Crinkly Worm"

Opinions and Quotes

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My Opinion

When I first wlaked by famous artwork I always thought " wow", what's so great about a bunch of old paintings, but then I realized that most of artists art work is out of emotion. Most artists make their most famous paintings from one of the hardest times. From learning about Alexander Calder it made me think about his work. What did it mean to him? Why did he do it? Was he feeling mad, happy, sad? So now instead of just simpily walking by, now I observe and wonder.

Circus in town

"I learned to talk out of the side of my mouth and have never been quite able to correct it since." Alexander Calder stated this after he had doe so many shows with his minature circus. The circus was one of his most famous works along side the International Mobile. He did so many performances that soon enough he couldn't stop talking out of the side of his mouth.

Calder had also quoted:

"It was early one morning on a calm sea, off Guatemala, when over my couch — a coil of rope — I saw the beginning of a fiery red sunrise on one side and the moon looking like a silver coin on the other." Calder loved sunrise and sun sets. He said this after observing it one day while living in Guatemala.

Role Model

He is also a role model for other artists not just because he took art in a different way, but becuase he also added his own little twist. Now he has a proven name of the Master of Mobiles.


Calder at work



Alexander Calder at work

Alexander built many Sculptures

Calder Bending Metal

Calder as a young man

Calder in hs Work shop

Calder in older age


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