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LEGOANNATY is a new religion.

It has 8 gods and goddeses.

main facts

Founder: Ole Kirk Christiansen  Place of Origin: Denmark

what is it?

LEGOannaty is a religion that worships LEGO.

Ethical and Legal- Rules. Doctrinal- Central beliefs. Social and Institutional- Leaders, followers and gods. Narratve and Mythical- special storys. Material and holy places- syimbols, objects and holy places. Practical and ritual- Actions and events. Experiential and emotional- how does it feel.


This is the sign of the religen if you want to know if someone is in LEGOannty simply draw a line if they draw another line and it makes an L-shape you know they are your freind.

Ethical and Legal

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Rule 1

1) Follow by this rule and any others.

Rule 2

2) pray every day.

Rule 3

3) Treat others in LEGOannty as you wish to be treated.

Rule 4

4) Attend all the festivals.

Rule 5

5) Build LEGO every day

Rule 6

6) Embrace the feeling of LEGO.


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If you are good in your life you could go to LEGO world when you die however, if you are bad you could go to the lands of punishment!


LEGO world

The place where you go when you die if you have been good during your life, it is also a nice calmful and LEGO freindly world.

The lands of punishment your worst nightmear locked up in a cell with no LEGO.

Social and Institutional

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The gods

Bricklord- god of Gods, construction and LEGO (Brick-Lord) Studdmaster- god of Minifigures (stud-d-master) Tecnolard- god of prayer (tec-no-lard) Clubloss- god of LEGO clubs (Club-loss)

The godesess

Floson- queen of the gods and LEGO tec (Flo-son) Flego- goddess of LEGO festival (fl-ego) Sheeleb- goddess of buildings (she-l-eb) Tecnakas- goddess of the afterlife (tec-nak-as)










Narratve and Mythical

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The creation story

A very long time ago before dinosars roamed the earth there was nothing, and then 2 LEGO bricks went flying through the air at 1,000,000,000,000 miles an hour and hit each other the force of the impact sent a giant explosion through the air thus a giant ball of fire was created. (This ball is what we now call the Sun.) Also created was this liquidy substance withch was heated up by the giant ball of fire and turned into a planet almost as big as the sun. After 1,000,000 years (about) the planets devided and then started orbting the sun. Then some of the liquid that was not turned into the planet fell on one of the middle planets and made water. Then from the fire of the sun and the water on the earth Life was made and not only was life made but was a material used for LEGO.


This is what the exsplotion is thought to look like.


Earth before water was there and all there was, was rock.

Material and holy places

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This must be said to a follower of LEGOannaty: I (your name) swear that I will try to follow the rules and will respect the gods and also LEGO. I also pledge my help and will be freinds with all of the followers of LEGOannaty.

Holy books

The holy book the Brick'ran is like the Bible or the TeNaCh however, in the Brick'ran it holds the secrets to the religion. Secrets that you can only know once you have taken the sacred oath.

holy places

These are the holy places: 1.LEGO LAND (all) 2.The LEGO TOWER (DENMARK)


Studderthedrals are these big red buildings with giant studs on top. (They're not hard to miss.) On top is a statue of the god Tecnolard (god of prayer.)


The holy book of LEGO! In it is the wonders of LEGO and all the rules of LEGOannaty. In it also is the storys of the gods.

An egsample of an LEGOan sttudderthedral the minifigure on the top is a statue of the god Tecnolard the god of prayer. In all of these buildings there are no windowes so nothing can see in. It is in these buildings that you pray.

Practical and ritual

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Sticky note

when you pray you always face to denmark, to pray you must kneel on your prayer mat and for 10 mins starting at 12 o'clock you must build lego. Whilst you build you are not allowed to talk to anyone. On wednesdays you must build for 20 mins without talking to honour the gods. At the end of the 10/ 20 mins of building LEGO you have to say: I am done and thank you for the 10/ 20 mins quite.


Brickmas The festival of giving bricks on the 25th of December

Sticky note

The reason I write LEGO in capitals is to honer the gods.

Experiential and emotional

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In this religion you feel part of one massive family and you are not left out you also will feel as if you can trust a purson you have not met before. Not only can you trust them but you can talk to them aswell.

You will feel a range of emotions and all of them will be good.