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My opinion

My opinion on Alice Walker is that she is a great writer and she is a strong women.She has went through a lot and is still a strong person. She has many abilities. She also does poetry and have great poems. You should look at them. She has a lot of things many people might not know and from her writing she seems like she is a real person. From a real person i mean that she tells you something that other people won't tell you. And i think that she should keep writing.


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Books she wrote

The Color Purple, To The Hell with Dying, The third life Grange Copeland, A life, Freedom Writer, Everyday use, Possessing the secret of joy, The light of my Father's Smile: A novel, The temple of my familiar,Playing cards: Alice in Wonderland, In Love and trouble: Storiesof Black women, The Way Forward is with a broken heart, Now is the time to open your heart and Anything we love can be saved: A writer's Activism.

Her quote

" think we have to own the fears that we have of each oher, and then, in some practical way, some daily way. Figure out how to see people differently than the way we were brought up to." ~Alice Walker~


black History Month

Her family

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Cultural Inheritances

Alice family was mostly Cherokee, Scottish, Irish Her parents were sharecroppers Alice mother's grandmother was Cherokee, Indian


February 9, 1944

Family members

Mother: Minnie Lou Grant Walker Father: Willie Lee Grant Walker Great great grandmother: Mary Poole


Daughter name Rebecca Walker Born in 1969


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Jackson state University, Atlanta, Georiga, Sarah Lawerence College, and Spelman

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Sad stories

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Abortion problems

She got pregnant and was very scared and she wanted to commit suiced. She didn't get help form her parents because she didn't want them to know. Alice got help from an classmate and had an safe abortion. The suice part was going to be commited with a razor. And after all of that depression and anxiety she wrote her books To Hell With Dying. She met a man named Mel Laventhal and got married to him and found out she was pregnant but sadly to know she lost it. She lost her baby because she was finding out new things. One thing that she found out was that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had been slain. Went to the funeral in Atlanta,Georgia. Alice went blind her eye when she was eight because her brother shot her with a BB gun.

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