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Once you have registered your Protopage, you will be able to share your tabs either publicly or with specific people. You can assign passwords so that only certain people can view or modify different parts of your Protopage.

12) Online Applications

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1. Pulse pounding time for the desktop. 2. Services that live on the net and are free. 3. A task manager program. 4. Depend on the net to function.


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Social Networks Video

1. Friends, jobs, and partners . 2. They are hidden . 3. Help you see connections that are hidden in the real world .

Founders of Myspace Interview

1. $580,000,000 2. Barak Obama 3. 4. With everyone combined about 32,000 photos. 5. By when you first get a myspace you automatiacally have Tom as one of your friends and he checks all the myspaces to stop things like that happening. 6. To show how far myspace has come along and what it is doing.

Social Networking Spoof

1. By showing what myspace really is and what it does when people are not careful enough with it. And also making fun of people who are overly obsessed with it.

Ethics and Myspace .... Say it Ain't so Tom !

1. The cofounder of myspace . 2. So then people will use it more and not just think it is for really old people . 3. No, I do not think that