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Childhood Education

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For this course, I would like to use the information given, and look more into programs dealing with helping children, but not directly related to education. I am not an education major, but I do feel that my major still involves teaching children. My major is programming in children studies, so this course will help offer ideas that will allow me to create more efficient programs that can benefit children. I only have about one quarter left in school, so right now I have a very clear plan and outline as to what I need to do to finish. As of right now, I will finish this quarter and next quarter I will begin my internship. My Internship will be working at the YMCA in San Diego, CA. I will be working directly with their PRYDE program. This program deals with building after school programs that help keep kids out of trouble. It is considered a drug and gang prevention program that offers homework help, and clubs that teach kids different things such as cooking, ect. My ultimate goal in the long run is to work with military children and their families. Growing up as one of those kids, I have the background and know how ruff it can be. The PRYDE Program is going to help me step in this direction because they work with schools that do teach military kids. I would like to provide support for these kids going through a hard time with parents being deployed or having to move often and show them that even though they are going through a hard time, they will make it. And that I am prof of that.

Resources continued...

8) 9) "ABA Educational Resources Ltd. is committed to be a leading edge website providing practical resource materials for families and professionals using educational strategies for children with autism. Our goal is to facilitate the delivery ABA services to families through the provision of resource materials at a free and/or affordable cost." 10) This website provides links to different resources that both professionals and parents can use to help children. NETWORKING: 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) TECHNOLOGICAL: 16) 17) 18) 19) 20)

Resources: San Diego, CA

COMMUNITY: 1) "Operating under its mission of serving God by serving those in need, ECS provides comprehensive social services to low-income families and individuals. ECS ensures each client is served without regard for ethnic background, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation or religious creed." 2) "We focus our work in three key areas, because nurturing the potential of kids, helping people live healthier, and supporting our neighbors are fundamental to strengthening communities." 3) "San Diego Youth Services (SDYS) is a nationally recognized, comprehensive non-profit organization that has helped stabilize the lives of more than a half-million young people and their families since 1970." 4) "To support those affected by and at risk of child abuse and neglect, through a range of programs and services that promote healing, growth and healthy relationships." 5) "CDA provides tuition assistance to income eligible families and operates three state subsidized full day and part day preschool centers within San Diego County and an Alternative Payment Program throughout San Diego County. Full cost options are available at most center locations for families paying their own tuition." PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES: 6) "Our unique prevention program, specifically designed for seven- through twelve-year-olds from families hurt by the disease of alcoholism and other drug addiction, is offered multiple times each month on the Betty Ford Center campus in Southern California, throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas and in Denver, Colorado." 7) "Child Welfare at American Humane Association is a national leader in developing programs, policies, training, research and evaluation, and cutting-edge initiatives to prevent and respond to child abuse and neglect. At the same time, we work to strengthen families and communities and enhance child protection systems at the state and county levels."


When it comes to professionalism in education I look at three main things: 1) the competence of the professional, 2) the dedication to the job, and 3)the expectations the professional has. Competence is extremely important when it comes to being a professional. You have know what you are talking about, especially when it comes to being a teacher. And to teach, you not only have to know what you are doing, but you have to understand the meaning behind it. When being a teacher, you are pouring your own knowledge into others which is why is it so important to have competence. The dedication to the job is also highly important. I think this applies to any job. Without dedication, you will npt put forth your full effort which in turn effects the final results. When being a teacher, you want your students to get the most of their education to ensure they are going to have a bright future. In my opinion, dedication doesn't just play at roll when in the classroom. This is an every min or every day things. Teachers are taking home test to grade and having to deal with parents. So for teachers, their job is pretty much their life. And to be successful, you have to be extremely dedicated. Finally, a teacher must have high expectations not only for themselves but for the students as well. This is going to allow both the teacher and the student to grow because they are being pushed into doing new and more difficult things. I believe that each of these things are highly important in being a profession in the ECE field. But I also believe that these are important in any job/career, including my field of children programing.


Leslie Kehn: YMCA PRYDE Program director For my interview, I talked to Leslie Kehn which is the director for the program I will be interning for. We talked about the program and what they expect as far as professionalism, and what the program offers to the children. We also were able to talk about things that I am interested in doing with my degree and how that fits into the program. Some things that really struck me were 1) the dedication that these people have for this program and the passion they put into. This alone made more so excited and proud to be able to work for this program. 2) what the program was all about and how to was formed to keep kids not only safe, but interested in school and to help find new things they can become passionate about. and 3) how such a simple thing can make such a huge impact on these kids life. What really hit me after I was done talking to Leslie was why doesn't every school offer a program like this? With times like these, and parents working more and more, kids seemed to be forced to go to day cares and/or spend time alone at home. This program is offering a safe place for kids not not be alone and to also have the support from the staff in homework and being able to try new things. I really took this interview to heart because when I was younger my father was in the military and my mom was working. So I have to go to day cares and youth centers after school. I have been to both good and bad ones, Some were just about the kids playing and keeping out of trouble, but most didn't have much focus on school and helping us if we needed it. And being in a military family and constantly moving, it can be hard on a child and cause them to withdraw. So any support they can get is extremely important. A lot of military kids can use people whenever they go to show that there is hel if they need it. And this program helps with that.

Self Evaluation

• Briefly discuss how this course is relevant to your life and experiences. This class is relevant to my life because I would really like to work with children in the future and also have children. By taking this course, is it just one more class that has taught me about different things related to children that may someday be important such as children’s rights and programs that we had to research that could benefit the children. I have previously worked with children, but never really looked deep into the importance of what we are doing. • Discuss some of the discoveries that you made in this course or the learning that you found particularly compelling or important. I think the most important thing I got out of this class was having to really dig deep and look at questions we have about children and the education program. I may not be a future teacher, but I think as a hopful future parent it is important to understand what you child will be getting involved with and understand the kids of resources there out there to help you. • Identify and discuss your strengths in this course/class. I think my strengths in this course were having a background of working with children and having a unique background being a part of a military family. I have gone through many different schools that I already knew how different schools work and what can benefit a child and what wouldn’t work. • Discuss where you would improve and/or build on your work if you have more time. I think one thing I need to work on is time management. I am a very last minute person. And for me I work better under stress and time constraints, but at the same time it can really harm me. • Discuss how you might use the information from this course in the future. Like I stated before, I really want to work with children and have children of my own. So I think this course has helped me think about children in a different way. Children have as many rights as adults do, and we need to realize that they need to respected as well. Not treated as though they are completely helpless.

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