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Welcome to the AKKS Page

Look at us! Now we are on the web!

Congratulations to of all of our new Dragon, orange, purple, blue, green and brown belts!  Special congratulations to Brandon and Jasmine Loi for reaching their Jr. 1st Brown Belt

Next belt testing will be the week of January 26th

Huge congratulations to all who competed at the CKA tournaments this year.
Mr. Fred Pleis, Alana Scott, Brandon Loi, Jasmine Loi, Aleric Rutledge, Diego Rogel, Carrie Cadwaller, and Logan Banker

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For information on the CKA tournament schedule or to download the tournament application click on

To see Grand Master Larry Tatum click on

Here is a great link for information, illustrations, and videos of proper judo throws, pins, and submissions.  click on





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BBC Podcasts : Music feed 2

BBC Podcasts : Music feed 3

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