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Anarak (Persian: انارکء نارُسینه) is a town in Isfahan province, Iran, located 1429 m above sea level. Location: (Anarak, a city of about 4000 people is loctaed at the edge of the "kavir Lut"and about 85 Km from the city of Naein. The city is surrounded by by ruins of an old wall and three look out towers that were built about 100 years ago to keep the bandits ( Hossein Kashi and his gang)out. There are little agriculture in this region but there are many mines located close to Anarak. Nakhlalk, a lead mine is the largest active mine close to Anarak. Many people live in Anarak and commute daily to Anarak. Language: people in Anarak speak a dialogue called Anaraki, Anaraki is spoken in Anarak and and cities within 40 miles of it such as Chopanan .Climate: Anarak's climate is a typical desert climate, little rainfall, hot dry summer days and cool nights. Most of the old home are adobe and have a court yard, people move from south to north of the court yard from winter to summer. Some of these old home like my uncles had about 15 rooms and a big open roofed balconey where you could sit in the summer afternoon and (called Sofe) and cool off via wind directed by wind chiminies

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