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november 13 7pm: so this is my first time with one of these things so sorry for the weirdness as i'm not used to it yet.

june 2 9am: i haven't used this as much as i planned on it whenever i started it, but i guess that's okay 'cause i still like it and plan to use it however infrequently anyways.

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more pictures on page 3



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This is my picture page. it's loaded with amazing pictures. <3

We're upside down!!!!

I like the random strand of hair here

always too cool. <3

so i broke my knee this one time at freshman orientation band camp

i'm diggin' the shades

Liz's Graduation

yeah, i tried on the hat. can you blame me?

new years=besttimes everrrrr

i think my favorite kennywood trip ever...

i'm not a big fan of any pictures taken before or at the dance, but the ones after (where i'm not wearing a dress) are the best



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is all about me. <3 It will tell you silly and serious stuff about me.

Important Dates in the life of Andrea

birthday: 9-17-90
andrea day: 5-08


Colors: Blue and Purple

Authors: VC Andrews, Ann Martin, and some others

Candy: Skittles and Snickers [frozen]


I'm currently dating my thatboy, Jay. He's the bestest thatboy ever. forreal.



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This is my friends page. It will give you links to my friends myspaces, little bios on each of them, and shout outs to them :D


Jay is my thatboy/boyfriend.

Birthday: 10-15-88
Sex: Male
Relationship: In love like whoa with a beautiful girl Andrea Wilhelm (wow, that's me!)
How I met him: He sort of randomly said hi, but he saw me before at fall play and fell in love. hehe.
How we became friends: We sort of kept talking every day after first period. It was fun like whoa.


Laurel is my best friend.

Birthday: 2-9-90
Sex: Female
Relationship: Practically Married [to a boy named Chris Fisher]
How I met her: In 8th grade, we had a mutual friend, Melissa, who invited us to her birthday party. We met there. hehe.
How we became friends: We both took creative writing together, and realized that we had an interest in that and musical, and it was friends at first site...sort of. haha.


Liz is my wife.

Birthday: 12-9-88
Sex: Female
Relationship: Ahhh...Liz likes all boys. and a lot of girls. haha.
How I met her: We had TA together. That's Theater Arts. One of my favorite classes ever.
How we became friends: We sort of started to become greatestbest friends because of wicked and musical and all this other stuff. And then we started our threesome in like semi-october and november, but more like december and january of '05.


Janie is my love/step-daughter/mother.

Birthday: 11-25-89
Sex: Female
Relationship: Janie is not in a relationship at the moment.
How I met her: Laurel was friends with her and so during musical they'd talk and so i sort of talked to her then.
How we became friends: Marching band definitely started it, and then having chorus together and crucible the musical forsure. haha.



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This page is basically a page with randomness. it might be random sticky notes or random anything. haha. i have yet to find out.

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Hey everyone. i like this site. hehe.


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