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Welcome to A+ Irrigation's Website

Learn about A+ Irrgiation right here.  We can design and install a Rain Bird sprinkler system for your home.  We also maintain existing systems which includes spring start ups, repairs, tune-ups, and winterizations.

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Spring Start Up

A+ Irrigation

Sprinkler System; Spring Start-up

1.  Turn your timer on  and manually start zone 1.  This will allow for an air release when the plumbing is turned on.

2.   Open the valve  in your basement for the irrigation system.  It is usually a ball valve with a lever type handle.  There is usually a drain valve nearby, make sure that is closed.

 3.      Open the backflow preventer,  located against the outside of house. It usually has two ball valves.  Close the bleed screws. 

4.     Zone 1 should start operating at this point.  When it looks like all water with no air, your system should be ready for normal operation.

5.     Any problems, please call Mike at 645-0757.


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Want a green lawn?

A+ Irrigation can install a sprinkler system customized for your lawn and landscape.