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S2 Computing

Plain sticky notes

Learning Intentions 08.04.08

• I will have decided on the clips to use for my movie • I will have imported clips into iMovie • I will have extracted audio from the clips • I will have cut out the parts of the clips that I want to use

Learning Intentions

• I will be able to create and save a song on GarageBand • I will be able to add/delete and manipulate various loops • I will be familiar with the base interface and functions on Garage Band

Learning Intentions

• I will have set up a blog with protopage •I will have added a stickynote and a screenshot of my Comic Life work to my blog. • I will have customised my blog

mp3s and WAVs 04.03.08

MP3 An MP3 is a small file used to store audio. These are portable files. It is a music format. WAV A wav is an uncompressed audio file. Stands for waveform audio format Typecode is WAVE

Learning Intentions 18/03/08

• I will have finished my piece of music in GarageBand • I will have adapted my piece of music to make a ringtone • I will have exported my piece of music and converted it to an MP3

Learning Intentions 4/03/08

• I will have researched MP3s and WAVs • I will understand the differences between MP3s and WAVs * I will have displayed what i have learned on my blog

Learning Intentions 15.04.08

• I will have selected three or four movie clips and added them to iMovie. I will have added still images aswell. • I will have added a soundtrack to my movie. • I will have added appropriate effects to my movie.

Learning Intentions 22.04.08

• I will have thought what makes a good website • I will have looked at and evaluated various websites • I will have made notes on "What Makes a Good Website" on my Protopage.

What Makes a Good Website?

• Colourful • Mix of Media • Not Complicated • Easy to Use • Interactive

Learning Intentions 06.05.08

• I will have reminded myself about what makes a good website. • I will have identified and modified styles on a webpage. • I will have changed colours and worked with tables on webpage.

Leraning Intentions 13.05.08

• I will have set up a webpage using freeway • I will know how to insert hyperlinks • I will have added a table and the information to create my Healthy Living site. • I will have started my own website.