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Wireless Internet Info.

To Access the Wireless Internet at School on Your iPad: 1. Go to "Settings." 2. Go to " 3. Pause and allow the device to "find" Beesnet. 4. Touch Beesnet. 5. At the Beesnet start page, enter your Username (last name and first initial), and your Password (same as your email and computer login).

Apps for PreK-3


Where can I find App Reviews?

Math Apps Pre K-3

Word Work Apps PreK-3

Letter Fluency Apps PreK-3

Picture Book Apps PreK-3

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Written Expression Apps PreK-3

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Music Apps PreK-3

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Groups in Facebook: - "iTeach Special Education: iDevices in Special Ed." - "AT4OT" (Assistive Technology for Occupational Therapy) - "Assistive Technology" iPad Contacts on Facebook: - "Friend" Melanie Broxterman - "Friend" Siva Techined - "Friend" Patrick Black - "Like" Ruckus Media Group - "Like" Oceanhouse Media - "Like" Loeschware - "Like" Technology in Education - "Like" Digital Storytime - "Like" Penelope the Purple Pirate - "Like" Special Needs Apps for Kids ( - "Like" Apps4Kids - "Like" Lillie's Pad - "Like" Demibooks - "Like" Smart Apps for Kids - "Like" Thumb Arcade - "Like" idevbooks - "Like" Brightstart Apps - "Like" Artgig Apps - "Like" PicPocket Books - "Like" MomswithApps - "Like" Toca Boca

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Twitter "handles" to follow for iPads and Apps: - @cybraryman1 - @Room5Friends - @teachwtechbrox - @edtechdhh - @teachntech00 - @iPad_storytime - @artgigapps - @RuckusMedia - @Punflaykids - @GoodieWorld - @techinspecialed - @NxtApp - @momswithapps - @OceanhouseMedia - @TechieAng - @Grade1 - @AppStore - @thenerdyteacher - @smartapps4kids - @idevbooks - @iPadteacher - @MathEvolve

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If you are interested in more information or have something to add to the page, please contact me: Email- Twitter- @Room5Friends Mail- c/o Hilton School 6812 Mill Road Brecksville, OH 44141