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Welcome to bethany's page

This internet class is pretty cool. We learn a lot of new things.

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usv is an awesome school


BC = big cannon

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Rascal Flatts' new song "what hurts the most" is fabulous!

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a virus is a small program that hurts your hard drive however, it can not phisically damage your computer

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2 criteria that a virus must meet to be considered an actual  virus are it must replicate itself and execute itself.

answer 3

Five recognized types of viruses are:

1) File infector viruses

2)Boot sector viruses

3)Master boot record viruses

4)Multi-partite viruses

5)Macro viruses

answer 4

A trojan horse is a file that seems to be something good, but is really harmful to your computer.

answer 5

Worms are programs that duplicate themselves from system to system without using a host file.

answer 6

Five  of the eight problems that are misbelieved to be viruses are:

1)hardware problems

2)the computer beeps at startup without a screen display

3)you have 2 antivirus programs installed and one reports a virus

4)the lable on the hard drive has changed

5)the computer does not register 640 K of conventional memory


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Alberta Rockies overlooking Lake Louise at the Jasper National Park, Canada.