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04-19-06 (Hello and RSL)

I'm new at this whole "Welcome to my life, Online" thing, but I have wanted to do this for awhile.  In the future I'll probably have a real blog somewhere that people can go to but for now this will do.


I'm so excited for the new MLS soccer season and World Cup.  Real Salt Lake has had a rough start but we're looking really good.  Saturday's game against the New York Red Bulls was a lot of fun to attend.  I thought we were going to take the game but when NY scored first, I just about died.  Luckily Jason Kries got a great header to tie the game up and Kris Kline almost won the game for us in extra time. 


Three things:

  1. First Touches
  2. Finishing
  3. Jeff Cunningham needs to be more selfish w/ the ball.  Don't pass, SHOOT IT MAN!!!!

I think that this year, unlike last year, we've got the talent to take any team in the league.  If we can get over these three things we can take on any team, any time and ANY FIELD!  I'm placing all the cards on the table and calling at least a tie this Saturday if not an end to the "Winless Road" curse.



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My Songs

So I don't think of myself as a great musician (one day I hope to become one) but I am willing to expose my personal works to criticism. Slowly I'll post  all my songs here so you can listen to them and give me feed back.  The only way to get them to play on my website is through YouTube.  I had to fool them to think that it's a video, so sorry about the huge black box (and the parts of the song that are choppy on the guitar and vocals.)


*Just click on the expand button on the box to open it up.


"I hate boys so much. Why do u all have to be so dumb?"



Take a moment to read over this.  It's a txt conversation I had last night (04-19-06) w/ Allison.  Please tell me what you think about it.


Allison- I hate boys so much.  Why do u all have to be so dumb?


Me- Tell me why I’m dumb and then I’ll give you your answer.


Allison- Ur not bumb.  But don’t ever tell a girl u care about her unless u really mean it.


Me- I don’t mean to be cocky but most other boys are pretty stupid, however, they’re the one’s that get all the action which could mean that it’s not entirely the boys fault.  But since they do get all the action, who’s the fool?  Them or me?  Whatever it is don’t worry, girls never give me the chance to let them down.


Allison- Oh quit feeling bad for urself


Me- So what?  You can have a pity party but I can’t?  I’m trying to get a point across.  Everyone can find a reason to JUSTLY complain about something but you can just as easily take the good and not let the bad rob it from you.  i.e.  Jan 24 could be the best night of my life or I can easily let Jan 30rob me of that memory!


Allison- Ok lets just stop talking


Allison- Jan 24?


Allison- No really what happened on Jan 24


Me- Apparently nothing important enough for you to remember.


Allison- It happened to u not me how would I know.


Me- Because you were on the other side of my LIPS!  Again – Apparently nothing important enough for you to remember.


Allison- Woah u are being intense


Me- Well it’s been an eye opening conversation.  Goodnight!


Allison- Dude if u have something to say to me say it.


Allison- That’s what I thought.


It’s interesting how numb I’ve become and how fast it’s all happened. I really don’t care anymore. At different points I was disappointed but never angry. Still after all that was said I would rather at least look at Jan 24 and smile about it all. I really do NEED to add a verse to "Bits and Pieces." Any feed back would be interesting. You know my email. Send it!

Carrie's Cadence 2003

COme Can You Come 2003 (First Song)

Beautiful 2004