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Bible Verse

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. ~ Hebrews 13:16

Spelling Words

wash wasp watch want water swamp swan car star park garden farmer marble I'm where


A few items we could use: Dry Erase Markers ~ the students use these daily.. Paper Towels Old Socks to use as erasers. ( clean )

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Welcome To First Grade!

Your kiddos have done a fabulous job learning the structure of the classroom and all our procedures.  Here is where you will find information about each subject and upcoming events. I will also post important things on Class DoJo. You will find important links to many places that I use often. You can click on these links and your child can get some extra practice at home. 

Our Schedule

Daily-PE 12:15-12:40

Daily-Recess 1:30-2:00

Daily-Lunch 11:40-12:10

Monday,Thursday - Music 9:55-10:25 Wed. 12:50-1:20

Wednesday- Chapel 8:30-9:00

Tuesday - Computer 12:50-1:20

Wednesday - Library 12:50-1:20

Spanish -Monday 1:15-1:40



My Contact Information

EHCA Number: 281-485-6330

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Class Schedule/ Our class "Way"

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This is the "WAY" We Love in First Grade

~ WAYS to SINCERELY ACT in ~ Love 1. Love listens while others speak and patiently waits to be called on. 2. Love shows respect for other people including their feelings and belongings. 3. Love helps and encourages others. 4. When others hurt us ~ Love forgives like Christ forgave us. Let’s be imitators of God and walk in Love Ephesians 5:1-2

Outside the classroom

Monday: 10:35-11:05 ~ Music 11:40-12:10 ~ Lunch 12:15-12:40 ~ P.E. 1:30-2:00 ~ Recess Tuesday: 10:35-11:05 ~ Music 11:40-12:10 ~ Lunch 12:15-12:40 ~ P.E. 1:30-2:00 ~ Recess Wednesday: 8:30-9:00 ~ Chapel 10:30-11:00 ~ Library 11:40-12:10 ~ Lunch 12:15-12:40 ~ P.E. 1:30-2:00 ~ Recess Thursday: 10:35-11:05 ~ Computer 11:40-12:10 ~ Lunch 12:15-12:40 ~ P.E. 1:30-2:00 ~ Recess Friday: 11:40-12:10 ~ Lunch 12:10-12:40 ~ P.E. 1:30-2:00 ~ Recess 2:00-2:45 ~ SOAR

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   Wednesday:  Chapel day ~ White top, navy/black bottom (no shorts)

    Friday (only): Jeans & a spirit shirt or red polo If no jeans then wear regular uniform.

   Everyday:  comfortable shoes that will allow for running during P.E. and recess....
                            & girls must wear shorts under skirts/jumpers.



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1st Six Weeks Phonics: Short Vowels, long vowels, consonants Consonant-vowel blends One and two vowel rules Use of ll,ff, or ss,at end of word Use of k or c before a vowel Use of ck or ke at end of word Read one- and two-vowel words Language: Possessives Sentences Rhyming words Plurals Ending Punctuation

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Vowel Rules

One-Vowel Rule: When there is one vowel in a word it usually says its short sound.

Two-Vowel Rule: When there are two vowels in a word the first one says its long sound (name) and the second one is silent.

Three-Vowel Rule: There is no rule, however it is just like when there are two vowels.  The first vowel says its long sound, the second one is silent, and so is the third.

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Short vowels are marked with a smile:

ă  ĕ  ĭ  ŏ  ŭ

Long vowels are marked with a straight stick, and the silent second vowel is crossed out:

ā ɇ,   ē ɇ,   ī ɇ,  ō ɇ,  ū ɇ


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Welcome to our Math section. Here you will find updated information on what we are learning in the classroom as well as some tools to help with Math. When we reach a new chapter please look in your childs folder for introduciton information. This will help get a jump start on the chapter and inform you of ways to help at home.

Addition Families

One Family Six Family 0+1=1 0+6=6 6+0=6 1+0=1 1+5=6 5+1=6 2+4=6 4+2=6 Two Family 3+3=6 0+2=2 1+1=2 Seven Family 2+0=2 0+7=7 7+0=7 1+6=7 6+1=7 Three Family 2+5=7 5+2=7 0+3=3 3+4=7 4+3=7 1+2=3 2+1=3 Eight Family 3+0=3 0+8=8 8+0=8 1+7=8 7+1=8 Four Family 2+6=8 6+2=8 0+4=4 3+5=8 5+3=8 1+3=4 4+4=8 2+2=4 3+1=4 Nine Family 4+0=4 0+9=9 9+0=9 1+8=9 8+1=9 Five Family 2+7=9 7+2=9 0+5=5 3+6=9 6+3=9 1+4=5 4+5=9 5+4=9 2+3=5 3+2=5 4+1=5 5+0=5

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Please continue to : ~ 1 Dozen = 12 ~ Even and Odd numbers ~ Flashcards at home ~ practice counting by 2's, 5's, 10's, 25's and 50's... ~ help your child to count out change at home for extra practice ~ encourage your child to tell time. ~ ask questions like: " if I was measuring this would I use ounces, pounds, or tons?"

Subtraction Families

One Family Six Family 1-0=1 6-0=6 6-6=0 1-1=0 6-1=5 6-5=1 6-2=4 6-4=2 Two Family 6-3=3 2-0=2 2-1=1 Seven Family 2-2=0 7-0=7 7-7=0 7-1=6 7-6=1 Three Family 7-2=5 7-5=2 3-0=3 7-3=4 7-4=3 3-1=2 3-2=1 Eight Family 3-3=0 8-0=8 8-8=0 8-1=7 8-7=1 Four Family 8-2=6 8-6=2 4-0=4 8-3=5 8-5=3 4-1=3 8-4=4 4-2=2 4-3=1 Nine Family 4-4=0 9-0=9 9-9=0 9-1=8 9-8=1 Five Family 9-2=7 9-7=2 5-0=5 9-3=6 9-6=3 5-1=4 9-4=5 9-5=4 5-2=3 5-3=2 5-4=1 5-5=0

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Math: Ending Chapter 10.. Continue to practice subraction. Test Friday

Spelling and Poetry

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Spelling Words



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AR Books

We have started Accelerated Reader in the classroom. The children read a book in the program and then take a test over it on the computer. This is completely on their own. They earn points and at the end of the year there will be an AR store open where they can spend their points. I will be sending home AR books for them to read. Feel free to keep them a few days so they really know the book. Send it back so they can test and we will start another one!

Scholastic Book Club!!!

Get reasonably priced books and earn free books for our classroom by ordering from Scholastic online! Go to, click on register (unless you already have a parent page), get your own user name and password and then enter our class activation code: NT2X7 More titles are available online than in the paper flyers, and you can search according to reading levels, but feel free to send your orders to me also. Checks must be made payable to Scholastic. No cash please.

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