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All About Me

Hello Friends...               

       My Name is  Chili   


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This is my very first webpage.

I'm going to tell you all about my life,my family & my friends.

Check back soon.....I'm keeping my paws busy adding stuff..!!

**My Baby Book**





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About My Name (click on the arrows on the right to open)

My full name is Icebears Red Hot Chili Pepper.

I'm named after my Mums favourite band...check them out below.

My Friends

I've got a special friend, my kitten Bernie. I found her when I was out for a walk in the woods. She was very tiny so I had to look after her.





My best doggy friend is Fergus...he is 2 weeks older than me & very clever. I see him when I go training on Wednesdays.



Breaking news...** I've got a baby brother.!!**

               This is Chad, he came to live with us on October 28th 2006

                                     He was born on August 16th.   

              He'll have his own page this space..!!            



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Because I'm a white German Shepherd & have long hair the people at the Kennel Club don't think I'm a "proper" GSD . I'm just as intelligent as my coloured relatives I think my long hair makes me look pretty.

There is a special club called WALCSS (The White & Long Coat Shepherd Society ) created just for dogs like me.

I've been to a few of their shows & I've made my Mum very proud.






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Websites every GSD should know about