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Hello...welcome to my virtual classroom!

About me:

My name is Teresa Kent. I am a National Board Certified Teacher who currently serves as the Library Media Specialist at a Title I elementary school in the northwest Atlanta suburbs. In my spare time, I make quilts and teach sewing classes for kids and adults. I truly am a geek girl at heart! The Crafty STEMs/Stitching Stallions discovery club offers a way for me to combine my love of sewing/crafts with technology.  

This virtual classroom contains links to items covered at our club meetings and links to sewing sites of interest to kids and the grown-ups teaching them how to sew. Ongoing club updates and photos can be found on our Media @ the River blog (

About this site:

The resources linked to on this site are for educational purposes only.  Every effort has been made to link to content according to the wishes of site owners and to respect copyright law. (This is why you do not see direct links to the hundreds of projects out there in the blog universe!)  If you, the website owner, feel that I have erred in linking to your site, please contact me at comestitchwithme (at) gmail (dot) com.  Thank you.


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About our club

Our weekly maker club consists of a dozen or so 4th and 5th graders who want to learn how to sew. Depending on the location, the club might be known as Crafty STEM or Stitching Stalliions. Either way, we will learn and experiment with all things needle and thread. At Riverside Intermediate, we meet Fridays from 1-2 p.m. Ms. Griffin and I look forward to teaching our little stitchers how to sew by hand and machine. We can't wait to see what creative projects they choose to make!

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Beginner Sewing Project Ideas

Not sure what's appropriate for a beginning stitcher? Look in a pattern catalog, search online or peruse the websites listed in the "free projects to make" section above for these kinds of items: 1) Pillowcase 2) Drawstring bag 3) Tech/Tablet cover 4) Apron 5) Pillow (simple zipper is fine) 6) Zipper pouch 7) Journal cover 8) Tote bag 9) Placemat 10) Charm square quilt


Bag making success

'Tween proudly showing off the cute tote she made!

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