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Australian Competition Law

ACCC Media releases - Australia

Competition Law

Mondaq - Australia

ParlInfo Bills Digest

News - Australian Competition Law

Law Firms


Allens Competition Law publications

In Competition

Baker & McKenzie Antitrust & Competition Publications and Events Feed

Jones Day Antitrust and Competition

Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers » Competition and Regulation

Competition and Consumer Protection Law Blog (Michael Terceiro)

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Australian Law Firm News and Publications

Australian Law Firm Competition News

Australian Law Firm Blogs

Australian Law Firm Competition Blogs

Law Firms - Not restricted to Australian competition news

Australian Law Firms or Global firms with offices in Australia - news feed not restricted to Australia

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EU - Press releases

US FTC - Antitrust Press Releases - Competition

DG COMP Press releases

US FTC - Competition Matters Blog

Canada - Announcements - Competition Bureau

UK - Competition and Markets Authority

US Antitrust Division: Press Releases

Canada - CB in brief

NZ Commerce Commission - Media Releases

Germany - Bundeskartellamt

US Antitrust Division: Speeches

NZ Commerce Commission - Consultations

Antitrust Division: Criminal Case Filings

Antitrust Division: Civil Case Filings



In Competition

Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog



The Antitrust Hotch Potch

Competition Law

Antitrust Today - An Antitrust Law Blog By Constantine Cannon

Competition Policy blog

ICN Blog

Truth on the Market

Scottish Competition Law Forum

AntitrustConnect Blog

Antitrust Law Blog


Kluwer Competition Law Blog

China Law Vision

Antitrust Commentary

Global Competition Review - News

Competition Policy International

Global Competition Review - Unilateral Conduct

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Blogs from Australia - see also Australian News

North America focus

Blogs predominantly relating to US and Canadian law

Mainly Europe




Journal of Competition Law and Economics - current issue - World Competition

Harvard Law Review TOC RSS feeds

Journal of Antitrust Enforcement - recent issues

ABA Journal Top Stories

Informit - IELHSS - Federal Law Review (0067-205X) - European Business Law Review

Informit - Deakin Law Review (1321-3660)

Latest Results for European Journal of Law and Economics

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Antitrust Law & Policy eJournal

Max Planck Institute - Research Paper Series



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My competition page

Web page



SSRN Author: José Antonio Batista de Moura Ziebarth

SSRN Author: David J. Gerber

SSRN Author: Pinar Akman

SSRN Author: Caron Y. Beaton-Wells

SSRN Author: Julie N. Clarke

SSRN Author: John M. Connor

SSRN Author: S. W. Davies

SSRN Author: Arlen Duke

SSRN Author: Henry Ergas

SSRN Author: Ariel Ezrachi

SSRN Author: Allan Fels

SSRN Author: Daniel A. Crane

SSRN Author: Brent Fisse

SSRN Author: Alan J. Devlin

SSRN Author: Damien Geradin

SSRN Author: Barbora Jedlickova

SSRN Author: Einer R. Elhauge

SSRN Author: Katharine Kemp

SSRN Author: Morten Hviid

SSRN Author: Stephen P. King

SSRN Author: David S. Evans

SSRN Author: Frederic Jenny

SSRN Author: Wendy Ng

SSRN Author: Eleanor M. Fox

SSRN Author: Alison Jones

SSRN Author: Douglas H. Ginsburg

SSRN Author: Michal S. Gal

SSRN Author: George Alan Hay

SSRN Author: Herbert J. Hovenkamp

SSRN Author: Kai-Uwe Kuhn

SSRN Author: Mel Marquis

SSRN Author: Bruce Lyons

SSRN Author: Robert O'Donoghue

SSRN Author: William E. Kovacic

SSRN Author: Nicolas Petit

SSRN Author: Louis Kaplow

SSRN Author: Andreas Stephan

SSRN Author: Cento Veljanovski

SSRN Author: Barak Orbach

SSRN Author: Wouter P. J. Wils

SSRN Author: Richard A. Posner

SSRN Author: Carl Shapiro

SSRN Author: D. Daniel Sokol

SSRN Author: Maurice E. Stucke

SSRN Author: Gregory J. Werden

SSRN Author: Joshua D. Wright




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Australian Competition Law


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