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Welcome To Kindergarten! WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS! :) Wow! What a time we are in right now. One thing is for sure, the Lord Jesus is with us! He will not leave us nor forsake us. Life is a bit different, but still exciting days to learn! Some things will look the same, others will look different. Clean up and daily hygiene will be intense so that will take a little more time, but I have it written into the schedule.

Mrs. Barker's wish list

colored card stock word strips from Dollar Tree candy treats for the class Ice cream for the class

Classroom Bible Verse

The joy of the Lord is my strength. Nehemiah 8:10b


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I know my Numbers

In kindergarten we need to know our numbers 1-100 by sight. In kindergarten we need to add simple numbers quickly. In kindergarten we need to know left, right, up, down, below, inside, and all our shapes.


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Letters and sounds

In Kindergarten we need to know all our letters and sounds including some of the special sounds letters make. In Kindergarten we need to know how to read simple books and lots of sight words. In kindergarten we need to know our color words and our number words. We also need to know our days of the week words and the months of the year.


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Reading words and books

In kindergarten we learn to read lots of sight words. We learn the difference between letters, words, and sentences. And we learn to read!


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What do we spell?

In kindergarten we learn to spell by how the words sound. We strive to learn to spell the words correctly, but spelling is not introduced. We learn to write words and are encouraged to write independently.


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For Bible we will learn simple Bible stories and Bible truths. The truths are never simple, but kids hear God's truth!

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scholastic book club

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