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For more information about our Gifted and Talented program or if you would like to refer a student for our gifted program, feel free to e-mail me at or by phone at 501-759-2638.


Gifted and Talented Coordinator - April Blackburn

SeaWorld Camp 2019

4th-8th Grade GT students attended SeaWorld Camp in San Antonio, TX in April 2019.

Space Camp 2016

4th - 7th Grade GT students had the opportunity during the 2015-2016 school year to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Here is a photo of our group on our last day at camp!

GT Ocean Camp Trip 2017

4th - 9th Grade GT students had the opportunity during the 2016-2017 school year to attend IMMS Ocean Camp in Gulfport, Mississippi. Here is a photo of our group at Ship Island on the Gulf of Mexico.

AWE Gifted and Talented Program


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Important Announcements

STEM Challenge of the Week:


Welcome to our Anne Watson Elementary Gifted and Talented program! This page is dedicated to the services we offer through our 4th - 6th Grade program. We serve our students through 150 minutes per week of direct instruction by a certified Gifted and Talented teacher (April Blackburn) per week through our pull-out program. For more information about our program, contact GT Coordinator, April Blackburn, by e-mail at or by phone at 501-759-2638.

What are we doing in GT this year?

Trick or Treat Haunted History Cemetery Project! STEM Challenges Weekly! (STEM stands for Science Techology Engineering Mathematics) Weird Animals Research Project! Robotics and Coding! Fairy Tale Trials! In the past few years, we have taken over-night field trips to places such as SeaWorld Camp, Space Camp, and Ocean Camp. We have also done field trips to Loco Ropes, Innovation Hub, Museum of Discovery, Memphis Zoo, Blanchard Springs Caverns, and the Old Statehouse Museum. Our students have participated in Arch Ford Cooperative Student Share Fairs, Chess tournaments, Quiz Bowl tournaments, and CSI Challenges hosted at Central Baptist College.

GT Standards Met Today

What standards are we meeting in class today? GT.1.1.6 Think and observe. GT.1.1.19 Develop, make, and/or build ideas and products.


NOTE: ANIMALS ARE HOME DUE TO COVID FOR NOW. BE BACK SOON! We have several wonderful animals in our classroom that inspire our students to look into careers with animals and the responsibility of taking care of animals. These animals in our classroom include: Dexter the Fancy Leopard Gecko, Maddie Grace the Albino Rainwater Fancy Leopard Gecko, Gruffles the Bearded Rankin Dragon, Josh the Blue-Tailed Skink, and our four Fire-Bellied Toads: Croaky, Elma, Louie, and Marty.

Trick-or-Treat Haunted History Cemetery 2020

Thursday, October 29th, 2020 Trick or Treat Haunted History Cemetery: For this project, our students select a historical person who has died. They research this person over the course of a few weeks and type a monologue about them. They memorize this monologue, dress up as the person, and present their monologue to the classrooms at Anne Watson Elementary. They handed out candy to the students after listening to their stories.

Memphis Zoo GT Field Trip

4th-6th Grade GT students explored the Memphis Zoo on Friday, March 30 in connection to their Weird and Endangered Animals project.

Veterans Day Skit 2020

6th Grade GT students presented a skit called "America's White Table" for Veterans Day which was recorded and made available to all staff and students to watch in their classrooms.

AWE Quiz Bowl Team Places 3rd in Tournament

AWE Quiz Bowl Team placed 3rd in the 1A-2A Arch Ford Regional Elementary Quiz Bowl Tournament on Friday, February 28th.

Blanchard Springs Caverns GT Field Trip

4th - 6th Grade GT students explored Blanchard Springs Caverns on Thursday, November 9, 2017 in connection to their study about caves.

BHS Gifted and Talented Services


GT Monthly Meeting Schedules

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GT Standards Met this Month

What standards are we meeting in GT this month? GT.1.1.6 Think and observe. GT.1.1.19 Develop, make, and/or build ideas and products.

Important Announcements

Our next monthly GT meeting is: Friday, February 26th - 10th-12th Grade GT during 6th Period

Ways We Serve Our Gifted and Talented Students

How do we serve our Gifted and Talented students at Bigelow High School? Advanced Placement: Pre-AP and AP Course Offerings Secondary Course Content Documention - All math, science, history/social studies, and English teachers are trained in our district offer higher level thinking to our GT students. Monthly meetings on Wednesdays with GT students that include: College spotlight research in the computer labs (one semester they research a new college every month they meet and share their findings with the class) Fill out resumes Create Your Own College/University assignment (this is a fun way at the beginning of the year for students to share what they look for in an ideal College or University) STEM/Destination Imagination building challenges Past field trips to Lake Dardanelle State Park, Clinton Library, Memphis Zoo, Hourglass, Escape Room Filled out various job interview worksheets College Visits: We have been to ASU-Jonesboro, Hendrix College, Ouachita Baptist University, Henderson State University, Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.


Hourglass Escape Room Field Trip

7th-8th Grade GT students attended the Hourglass Escape Room in Russellville for a field trip in May 2019.

Arkansas State University-Jonesboro Campus Visit

9th-11th Grade GT students attended Arkansas State University at Jonesboro for a campus visit on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020.