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To access XPADMIN resources


1. login Bottom left


2. then Click here


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Forms etc

LMS Manual

LMS Manual 2006  LMS manual.pdf

englishatames clerical Forms


During 2007 the bulk of the data entry for students to access both englishatames and Skillmax online resources has been carried out centrally. Below are the forms to be used during 2008.


They should be completed as described in the Full document and then faxed to Dorothy on:
FAX 92819682

by Thursday 7th Feb .

Data will be processed in order of receipt.

Clerical Forms

Full document  2007Information_for_E_learning_Teachers.pdf
Centre wide table  Centre table.doc
Client Summary Listing – example with additional info required  Client_summary_listing_with_data.doc
Logon request form – individual units to be assigned  Logon Request Form_individual_units.doc


Skillmax Clerical Forms

Client Summary Listings for each Skillmax class should be prepared by ruling through students who have already had their 3 month entitlement to the online resources. These Client Summary Listings can then be faxed to Dorothy on 92819682 before Thur 7th Feb to be data entered.


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Adding text and links

See Note called Easter


To use Easter text:
1. Log onto with your TEACHER logon
2. Click the button a bit like this '11' that Shows/hides table border
3. Delete any text and pictures inside the top border
(If yoU accidently delete the table, click your back button, then refresh and start again)

4. Copy the EASTER text
5. Paste it into your Noticeboard
6. Wait till the text and image have loaded correctly
7. Click Update Noticeboard


Now message your students to have a look.


Any problems ring me on 0418640086


Quick Searches

Adding Noticeboard content - source Code

Instructions for adding a noticeboard using source code



To use this code:
1. Log onto with your TEACHER logon
2. Click LMS Management > Noticeboard
3. Click on the button that has a W/H and is for Show Code/design.
4. Delete all the code!!!!
5. Copy all the text from the AUTUMN SOURCE CODE note
6. Past it into your Noticeboard
7. Click on the button that has a W/H and is for Show Code/design
8. Wait till the text and image have loaded correctly
9. Click Update Noticeboard


Now message your students to have a look.

Any problems ring Dot on 0418640086



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Have a safe and happy Easter.


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Skillmax access

Skillmax students have 3 months access to the course.

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Web page

Known problems

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Ongoing problems creating students in online courses

From: WATERHOUSE, Dorothy
Sent: Wed 30/04/2008 1:08 PM
To: HAVEA, Ane; TIEU, Thit; ABDULLA, Sharifa; GLASSOCK, Stephen; WAKEFIELD, Stephen; Brown, Carolyn A; SHAW, Josephine; NOVOTNY, Rafieh; Koorey, Anna; LOWE, Owen; Alvarez, Gloria; GODESS, Marina; RAYS, Jane; WYLIE, Maria; FORAN, Margaret; Choongo, Anna; DE SILVA, Yamuna; LUND, Kirsten; EDWARDS, Susan
Cc: TAN, Loy Chee; DELARUELLE, Susan
Subject: Ongoing problems creating students in online courses

Dear managers and e-learning teachers.
Problems administrating students in our online courses
We continue to have problems administrating students in our online courses.
All these problems relate to the data base set up driving student account administration.
At present all administration activities below must be done individually - one by one:
- creating new accounts
- changing student's course access
- archiving students
- moving students out of groups that are to be deleted
While it may appear that we can delete students this is not actually the case and when tried recently by ZIS resulted in all the recent repeated problems of not being able to create students, and losing those students successfully created during the problem week.
Current Problem
What we now have is 800 student accounts sitting in limbo in englishatames causing problems for you.
- If you try to create a student on this invisable list then you will be told you can't because they are in the system
- I can see them in one report I can run but I can't reactivate them or delete them
- James can only work with them one at a time
1. I have emailed to you the list as a very long (35 pages) word doc.
   - You will need to check against this if you get the message that the student exists but
     you can't locate them in the LMS. This is time consumming for you and only a temporary solution.
   - You will then need to change the student logon details to be unique to that student.
     eg add the number 8 to the student id to indicate 2008.
   - Students and teachers will then need to be told of this change to login details for those students.
2. James has been notified and all these data base problems are on the agenda for the next AMES ZIS consultation with James in May
Ongoing steps you can take to help this situation
Please have all students assigned to a group. If you want to move them out of the active groups then add them to the appropriate archive group - Thit or Stephen.
Unfortunately with this LMS and database set up this can only be done one at a time so again it is an ongoing, very time consumming job.
You may want to look at ideas to manage the time involved eg using admin staff to do routine housekeeping tasks.
Could you also pass this email onto any clerical staff that do data entry into the online courses so they are kept informed. 

Student work going to the wrong teacher

May 08

Student work submitted through the LMS is in some instances going to the wrong teacher.



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Rich text note

CSWE 1 Support documents


Direct link to CSWE 1 student Registration

CSWE 1 Support documents

Teachers Manual with list of CSWE 1 online resources and teaching ideas:

Hand out for CSWE 1 Teachers
 CSWE 1 Online Implementation Plan.doc






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Download and save the Syllabus below

2. Choose a Module in the Syllabus and check what you know and what you need to learn

3. Complete the relevant online module in.

4. Download and save the sample tests below.
    These are provided by the Australian Computer Society.

5. Finish the sample tests for the module you have been studying. You should be able to answer all the questions in 30 mins.



Syllabus Version 4.0

The ECDL Foundation is the leader in skills and knowledge definition for end-user computing certification programmes. Since its initial conception, the ECDL / ICDL Syllabus has been modified to reflect changes in technology. Syllabus Version 4.0 is currently being used.

The quality and relevance of the ECDL / ICDL Syllabus documents is guaranteed by the ECDL Foundation development processes and by an outstanding range of expert input from the world's leading computer societies and Independent subject matter experts.

Please click here for the latest Syllabus - ECDL / ICDL Syllabus Version 4.0




ECDL / ICDL Sample Tests

In order to download the ECDL / ICDL Test Sample Paper files to your PC, do the following:

  1. Select the Core Test Sample Paper link provided below
  2. In the dialogue box that appears, select "Open this file from its current location"
  3. In the dialogue box that appears, select the required path to extract files to.(e.g. C:/My Documents)
  4. This will extract all the files into the chosen folder above ( you may require an compressed folder extraction tool e.g. Winzip)
  5. In this folder, open the files and follow instructions.

Please click here for ECDL / ICDL Test Sample Papers

Please click her for an Answer Guide for the Sample Papers
(Answers are provided for the multiple choice questions of the sample papers, please refer to ECDL / ICDL  training materials for information on practical tasks.)

Rich text note

Tests are held at Mary St.

Each test is 45 mins long with 15 mins preparation.

You could sit 2 tests at a time. 3 might be too much.


To achieve an ICDL you must achieve a pass mark of at least 75% in all 7 tests:
     • Mod 1 - Basic concepts of IT 
     • Mod 2 - Using the computer and managing files
     • Mod 3 - Word processing
     • Mod 4 - Spreadsheets
     • Mod 5 - Databases
     • Mod 6 - Presentations
     • Mod 7 - Information and Communication


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Typequick Procedures and resources

Hand out for LC and ECR teachers     typequick_sign.doc   



Booking sheet with logons     typequick_logins.doc

Support Flowchart


Quick Links

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When a problem is encountered using our online courses please check the steps in the Flowchart for the most effective process to resolve it.

Below are contact details for relevant support staff.


LMS problems and training


mobile: 0418640086


Local Network Support only


Ph: 92899185


Local E-learning staff

* indicates has local network support duties and access


Bankstown: 9205-4350


Julie Williams:

E-learning Teacher

* Anna Koorey:


Marina Pearce:

CSWE 1  

Cynthia Pederosa



Burwood: 9744-3885



E-learning teachers







Campsie: 9784-7940



E-learning teacher





Hornsby: 9476-2500



E-learning teacher



Mary St: 92899111



E-learning teachers










Right click the links below and select save target as.

Then save to your computer.


1. Download a printable version of the flowchart from here


2. Download the Support Staff list from here

Web widgets



Network maintenance

Rich sticky notes

Adding Favourites

Adding Favourites

Needs XPADMIN login

Try and work on the same PC everytime


Suggest you create 2 folders in favourites on this pc called:

 'To be added' and 'added'

Prepare your list of links on notepad or word

Follow the steps below in this order


Create links in the local copy of Favourites

1. Open IE

2. Go to the first link

3. Add it to favourites

4. Repeat for each link


Add to Profile Favourites - ECR and ILC

Once favourites have been created locally


1. Open desktop folder called Favourites.
    You will have shortcuts to 3 folders of favourites:

    - Local

    - ECR

    - ILC


2. Open the local folder and open the folder 'To be copied'


3. Copy from here into each of the ECR and ILC Favourites folders.


4. Copy into the Local Favourites folder "added'


5. Delete from the Local Favourites folder 'To be added'


Close all folders and windows

Log  off from XPADMIN

Log on as ecr or ilc


Your links will be available after PCs have been SHUT DOWN




You may need to clean each locally stored favourites folder to take effect - otherwise any you have deleted will reappear and you may have double ups.

Network Resources

Put on ECR and LC walls and give teachers a copy at the start of each term


Print and put on ECR and LC noticeboard

Complete weekly until this job is autonmated.





Helpful Links

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FAQs for students

  1. Pop up Blockers  POP UP Blockers.pdf
  2. Update Shockwave and Flash  FAQupdates.pdf
  3. Making Screen Dumps  screendumps.pdf
  4. Checking volume  volume.pdf
  5. Moving between groups  1 Moving between groups.pdf

Troubleshooting - start

Some first questions to ask students with problems are:
an additional one is:
Teach students how to do a Print screen of their computer (FAQ available on the left)
They can then print or email you a picture of the problem.
VISTA is presently being tested but seems OK

Does anyone else have other troubleshooting questions to ask students
or resources they have found useful?

Please email them to the group to share them. I will add them here.


There are two new problems that I (Dot) have observed:
There are many customised setups that students have that can interfer with
interactive sites like englishatames.
We don't have the knowledge or resources to assist with any but the basics above
and we haven't costed in Call center support for home use.
However If this becomes a big problem then we perhaps should raise it further.
I keep the meetings that I go to up todate with these types of problems.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Rich sticky notes

More Troubleshooting ideas

More Troubleshooting ideas


Teacher Resources



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Rich text note

Teacher Resources

Blended Learning Implementation Plan Overview
 Blended Learning Implementation Plan_overview.doc


Lesson Plan suggested sequence


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Survey Links


Staff Survey for BRD 2008


Click Here to take survey

DET Email FAQs

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