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Welcome to Protopage

Welcome To my Protopage hehehe !!!! This page is more about me my kinah and life..... Need some stuff go to page two .

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Daily Shout out to Kinah

  1. Today day night shift... dear 2moro i also night shift short one!
  2. Lake house movie was nice ....
  3. Thursday i am able meet you time (hmmm 10 to 2)
  4. Good news i wlll send you to work!!! 858 bus ride
  5. Sunday zikair at my aunty place (might be) kinah dont forget !!!!
  6. my grandmother is STILL staying with staying with my family
  7. This time i miss my friday prayers !
  8. I can't wait for Sunday and Monday !!! meet u! 

Important reminders !!!!!!


Nothing much....

moviesss to kianh 27/07/2006-- 01/08/2006

have to reture kinah all her moviess!!!! plsEE remember This is still pending Uptill today very sorry dear  01/08/06 


Dear monday pls thing of where you would like to go ... thanks  how about taking part cycling !!! healthy life style  


Our life !!!!

Night Out

my dear

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