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Welcome to Films4Apes BETA

An experimental resource for conservationists, filmmakers and photographers dedicated to the survival of our ape cousins. Currently running as a BETA test.

The idea of this site is that it becomes a lively and dynamic first port of call for your daily web browsing. We aim to collect all the news that you find most interesting and which will be kept up to date with RSS web feeds.

Most people want to use a search engine as their first stop on the internet - so we have included a Google and Yahoo quick search box to encourage you to make this your home page.

We are trying to make the most of the beauty of the internet and the democratisation of information through new ways of finding information and spreading it. We encourage conservation groups to take advantage of free internet tools available to them to spread their message - not just through their own websites - but through others like this - do you have a blog? do you run RSS feeds? if you don't you are missing out on the chance to reach new audiences and supporters. Have a look at the live news feeds below to find out why.

We are also trying to make available some of the most exciting media available - video - this can be locally or internationally targetted - but if you have educational ape videos available online then tell us about it so we can collect them here. See page 2 to find out more.

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Call to Action - Forward steps in conservation

Calling all conservationists for bonobos, gorillas and gibbons!!! Anyone out there got a blog? We need RSS feeds to cover these species - it is a great way to spread the word beyond your site and develop targetted hits to your site.

Contact me:

Ape Alliance

Ape Alliance - A joint campaign to save the apes

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RSS Feed Available Here.


Palm Oil Orphans

Central Kalimantan, Indonesia Cockroach Productions OFPP 2006

Siamang Running

Consecutive film frames from Cockroach Productions' work in Sumatra to create the Indonesian language training video.


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Orangutans - Conflict Mitigation Training Video - Cockroach Productions

Orangutans & Palm Oil - Cockroach Productions
Orangutan Film Protection Project

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All Clips here are only embedded on this site, not hosted. This site takes advantage of free hosting provided by GoogleVideo and YouTube, where there videos can be found freely with permissions to embed. If you see video content here that is not free to distribute please let us know and we will endeavour to remove it as soon as possible.

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A Place to stick notes about apes and film.
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Sometimes our content providers will be performing site overhauls, in which case some videos will not appear here properly - please be patient with us, and trust that content will be online as soon as our content providers are up and running again.

Gibbons - Kalaweit Indonesia - Cockroach Productions

Forests - The Palm Oil Threat - Cockroach Productions

Logging - EIA/Telepak

Orangutans and others - Illegal Animal Trade - Cockroach Productions

Orangutans - The BioFuel Threat - Cockroach Productions

Orangutans and the BioFuel Threat
Cockroach Productions
Orangutan Film Protection Project

Orangutans - Palm Oil - Indonesia - SKY & Cockroach Productions

Greenpeace Forests Video

Orangutans - Friends of the Earth

Gorilla - WWF Uganda Gorillas in Bwindi National Park

Chimpanzees - Jane Goodall

Ape Alliance

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