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About HealthNet

HealthNet is an open network designed to improve health and well-being in West Sussex.

Who is it for? - Anyone who is interested in health and well-being in West Sussex, including NHS staff and members of the public

What's in it? - Local health contacts, health news, information about local health services, health improvements and plans, progress reports and accounts

Where can HealthNet be found? It's a web-based network - the address is

How can it help? - HealthNet can help you by providing information, promoting your project, assessing priorities and risks, accessing help, learning how to improve health and demonstrating progress

Find out more Contact John Parsons

HealthNet is an inclusive network devoted to health in West Sussex.
The network is sponsored by Western Sussex PCT to assist with the development of local health programme networks including Younger Health, Older Health, CHD, Cancer, Diabetes, Mental Health and Long Term Health and to provide opportunities for individuals, communities, organisations, partnerships and professionals to particpate in health programme and healthcare development.
It provides information about local health programmes including contacts, news, local services, learning resources and accounts (including progress against national health and social care standards) and also provides information about the development of local integrated pathways including promotion, assessment, access, rehabilitation and health maintenance.
It also includes interactive modules for file sharing, event planning and network messaging and for the creation of community-based project websites.