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Our 8th grade year

We have gone through 8 years of school so far in our lives. But out of those 8 years, this year was most definitely the best! We have so many great memories it will be hard on the last day as we walk away knowing we might not see our friends ever again due to separation of schools. We had drama we can never forget. We made new friends; we made new enemies, and made memories with everybody. But through it all, we will miss everybody.






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Amber, Myranda and Stephanie Dance 2009! :) This was a great memory we all shared. Taking pictures and dancing..... :)

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This is Amber, Stephanie, and me. This was one of the dances, and we were all in the bathroom and took a picture. I love them all. I will miss them over the summer when I go to Indiana. Then when I get back we are going to PARTY!!! -MYRANDA

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This is Dawn and I. We were at my house. I love this chick!! She is my best friend ever!! I would not be able to live without her. She rox!!! ILY DAWN!! :) -MYRANDA


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Myranda says...

Well, all I have to say about this year is that it was AWESOME! I made a lot new friends this year. And I have many from years before. This year has been filled with crazy times. The first day of school I was like everybody, I thought this year was going to be like every other year. But I soon realized that I wasn't going to be a normal year. I have had awesome teachers that I will never forget. Memories are only half as good as the people you make them with. Through the ups and the downs my friends have been there for me. It will be very sad on the last day of school; not only are we leaving our school that is filled with memories, we are going our separate ways from our friends.


Myranda- What was your favorite part of this year? Amber-I think my favorite part of the year was when we went to Hershey Park and I spent the whole day with Cailyn! Myranda- That sounds really fun. I am going on the Dorney Park trip. I think my favorite part of the year was Challenge Day. It was so fun, it really changed my life. Amber-Yeah, Challenge Day has definitel changed the way I look at things like now I think about what others have been through and say to myself wow I'm not the only one. Myranda-Yeah I agree, I think after challenge day i made about 20 new friends and I couldn't believe that the people that hated me most were the first ones on my side when i began to cry. So who was your favorit teacher? Amber-Mrs. Husbands definetly she has always been there for me this year. Myranda- WOW! Thats the same here. Not only do i love math and how she teaches but she is just a really nice and understanding teacher. Also mrs. albanese is second, i have always hated LA but this year she has taught me more then i ever imagined! Amber- Yeah I know she definetly makes it easier to pass math. Ms. Albanese is my second favorite too because she has made it fun and easy for us this year. Myranda- Yeah, I hope the high schools teachers are just as great but even if they are I still think our teachers this year are the best i have ever had! Amber- Yeah I agree:)

Amber says...

This year has been a blast but it wouldn't have been as much fun without the friends I have. My friends have been there for me through the times when I'm the worst and times when I just wanted to give up. They would cheer me up when I'm down and make it so much better to be here at school. Without them I think it would be harder without them. I know that at the end of the year when we all leave we will be missing that part of us we have to sadly leave behind. We are going to be seperating from schools some of our friends are going to tech and some are moving. It will be so hard to walk away knowing we may never see them again. We made so many memories that we should never forget. This year was filled with so many great memories. That I know I will never forget.

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