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Jazz and Gems News

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Jewelry News

Mary  Foertsch was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1997. After being forced to retire from teaching she developed an interest in gemstones. She studied the folklore, traditions, and purported healing powers attributed to each stone and this led her to become interested in how the different stones could be combined and presented in order to enhance both their physical and spiritual properties. She began designing and making her pieces in 2004 as therapy but it has since become her passion, hence her e-mail name, Gempassion.  At first she gave her pieces away but at the suggestion of friends she began selling them.  10% of each sale goes to the American Parkinson Disease Assn.Because of her disability her output is small but each piece is uniquely designed and it is rare that you will see any pieces that are the same.  In February, 2006, the World Parkinson's Congress had their convention in Washington D.C. and held their first Art Exhibit, Creativity and Parkinson's, and Mary was honored by having a piece of hers placed on exhibit. There is a permanent web site where you can find her work, along with works by other artists with Parkinson’s Disease. Go to Creativity and Parkinson's and explore. Thanks are due to all of you who came to see us at Circus McGurkus. It was our best one ever. To contact Mary Click Here.

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Red, White, Blue Collection

Just in time for July 4th

gemstone earrngs on Silver

election collection 11/08

Protection Collection

Black Onyx, Carnelian, Jasper and Turquoise on Leather or Sterling Silver

Jazz News

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Jazz News for August 2008

Some years I was fortunate enough to associated with  a group  of musicians which we called Giant City. Though I was only with the band 2 1/2 years I consider it one of the more creative experiences of my life.  One of the results of my association with these musicians was an Album called Aura and how it got that name is another story but it is something I am proud of though at the time we were a litlle disappointed in it. Over the last several years I  was thinking of converting the vinyl to MP3 but I didn't have all the right equipment . But thanks to a fan and now a friend,  who used to listen to us at the Deep End in Park Ridge, Ron Romano , it's done. He liked the group and the name so much that after we split up he started a band with that name and now has a web site with that name. Anyway, for all who are interested  Just click on 
Giant City. and you can hear MP3's of our album. Thanks again Ron. And special thanks to Al, Fred, Bill, George, Sam, who were, and still are,, marvelous musicians and good friends.

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  The Chattaway,12/19/06 featured. Kent Oldfield, a fine vibes player. There are also some photos from the Wednesday Morning Market, 3/28/07. Later, in April, our friend, Tim Eddy sat in, An excellent  woodwind player. one night when we couldn't find a bass player, He played Bass clarinet. April 25,2008, my birthday, we're again at The
Chattaway with Joe Ierna, Bass, George on tenor, Karen on Keys, and me doing my thing

one night when we couldn;t

To contact Andy click here


Andy 4-27-07

Andy & George 12-19-06

Andy, George, Tim 4-27-07

Setting up for the Gig 3-28-07

Giant City 1971-with lame album cover

Mercury Records spent a bunch of money to hire a photographer to shoot us in Central Park and this is what they did with it.

George playing on my birthday

Andy, George, and Kent 12-19-06

Karen Playing 4/25/08

Taking a Solo 4/25/08

Bob, MS, and Andrew 5/09

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Mary, Janet, Juie, Orlando, 3-06

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Mary at the Chattaway, Summer 06

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Bob & Andrew

The "Cell"

Bob & MS *Cricket"

The "Cell"

Kathy and Andy 4/6/08

We still look the same, Hah!

Foertsch-Clancy Photos Xmas 2008


Clancy -Foertsch Seniors

Bunch of Old Farts

Foertsch-Clancy Clan

The Whole bunch except for me and Kathy and a few more. Well,I guess it wasn't the whole bunch but we got Bob anyway.

Foertsch, pix


Two cool Kids-Agatite

Two Badasses

Mom, Bob, Andy, Old Cars

Except they weren't old then

And still more


Andy,Bobby Wood St 1952-53?

All of Us Wood St. 54-55?

All of us 1951-52

Little did tey know

Not my greatest moment

Not done yet


All of Us Portage Pk

Grandma, Aunts, Mom, Cousins

Dad, Mom, Andy, Bobby, Sharon Susan, Merc

Sandra 1964

The First Cullom Gang

Circa 54-55?

Wodniakowski Clan

Bob's OLV picture


Here's to you Ster

Pete's Pix


Wedding pic #1

Diane Horn's Wedding

wedding pix 68

Diane and the bunch

More Foertsch Pix 1


3 Hot chicks

Sharon's thinking, "Why am I with these dweebs?"

2 bikers