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Homework Assignments

Final Review Calendar

Please note, absences from class do not excuse students from completing these assignments.  If you are in class on the due date, the hw will be checked!

Final Review packet

#1-10 due Friday 6/7

#11-19 due Tues 6/11 (omit # 12 and 14)

#20-28 due Wed 6/12 (omit #24)

#29-36 due Thurs 6/13 (omit # 33)

#40-43 and 48-54 due Friday 6/14 (omit # 52)

Quiz on Friday

Contact Me!

Email :


Call:  471-1700 and leave a message!

Upcoming Events!

NY State Exams

Math Ny State Exams


Scheduled for May 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Join Us For Extra Help!

Thursday, September 20th Afterschool in room 341

Wednesday, September26th Afterschool in room 341

Thursday, October 4th Afterschool in room341

Wednesday, October 10th Afterschool in room 341

Thursday, October 25th Afterschool in room 341 and Wednesday October 31st at 7:40 am

Wednesday, November 14th afterschool in room 341

Tuesday, November 20th at 7:35am in room 341

Tuesday 12/4 Before school 7:35  in room 341

Wednesday 12/19 Afterschool in room 341

Thursday 1/10 Afterschool in room 341

Thursday 1/17 Afterschool in room 341

Tuesday 1/22 Before school at 7:40 in room 341

Thursday 2/7 afterschool in room 341

Monday 2/11 at 7:40 am

Friday 3/1 After school in Room 341

Thursday 3/7  7:40 am in room 341

Tuesday 3/19

Thursday 4/4:  Afterschool in room 341

Monday 5/6:  Afterschool in room 341

Friday 5/17:  7:40 am  in room 341

Students may take the 3:17 bus home.  Be sure to check the afterschool bus schedule prior to the day you plan to attend.  They are not always he same routes/stops as the regular bus.

If you are being picked up, please have a parent at school at 3:15.






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