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BIDMAS stands for: Bracets Indices Division Multiplication Addittion Subtraction It is the order in which you do parts of sums in maths.

What is algebra?

Algebra is using letters to represent unkown values!


Subsitution is where you know the value of the letters but not the answer! So 7+y=, when y is 5, the answer is 12! Try these: 1) 6+a= a=8 2) 3+u= u=19 3)9-(a+2)= a=4

Working out the terms

Working out the terms is where you are given all of the numbers but not the terms (the letters.) So 1+y=2, when y is algebra, y=1. Try these: 1) 4+a=29 2) 8+u=7 3) 5=9-(a+2)

Expanding brackets

Expanding brackets is what you dou if you are given a set of brackets like so: (y+4)(y+8). Even though there is know times symbol, it means times them together because mathemations are lazy and miss the 'x'. What you do is times it all together. So yxy=y^2, yx8=8y, 4xy=4y, 4x8=32. Added all together is y^2+12y+32! By the way you add 4y and 8y together!

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Dividing by a ratio. Firstly, you add the ratio together: eg. 2:7 = 9 and then divide the number you are asked to divide by this total: eg. 36 divided by 2:7 so 2 +7=9 36 divide 9=4.Next you times the total number by each side of the ratio eg. 2:7----->8(2x4):28(7x4).



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