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The Beasts At PJH!!

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Check out Page 2 for note to friends!!  if you don't have a note sorry i will try to put one up for you later!!! Check out page 3 for pictures, pictures and more pictures!!

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My name is Lindsay!! i go to pjh!! Go Vols!!! WOOT WOOT!!!im on the cheerleading squad at pjh!! Dallas Here we come!!! I'm planning on goin to the Medertarainian this summer!!!! Paris here i come!!!!! well thanks for stopping by my site!!!

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To: Hillary

I Love you Hillary!!! you bettter be practicing those kicks for my b-day present!! well we are the two cool beans in P.E.!!!!


To: Beth!!!

Kayla my Protopuppy


To: Ashley!!!!

I Love you Ashley even though you are a........ Faka....a Motha Faka!


I LOVE YOU! lindsay

Cheering Anteater