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Welcome to the Protopage of EAST Art Director "The Visionary" Steven Spradlin, former RCW World Heavyweight Champion.


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Art Director Profile

Name: Steven Spradlin A.K.A.: The Visionary Birthplace: Russellville, AR Current Hometown: Midland, AR Favorites: Favorite Movie: Galaxy Quest Favorite Food: Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper!! Favorite TV Show: According To Jim




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Visit all my bookmarks. They're Visionary worthy.

Lesson Plans

Todo lists

3rd Grade Lesson Plan

Practice Personal Crest/Shield
Create Flags
Continue Personalization Unit

5th and 6th Lesson Plan

Shading Exercises
1- Hatching Practice
2- Hatching Assignment
3- Cross Hatching Practice
4- Cross Hatching Assignment
5- Dot Practice
6- Dot Assignment

4th Grade Lesson Plan

Perspective- Round 2
1- 1 Point House Practice
2- 1 Point House Assignment
3- 1 Point Road Practice
4- 1 Point Road Assignment
5- 2 Point Street Corner Practice
6- 2 Point Street Corner Assignment

Standards and Practices