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A Message from MediaRare

The stories posted here at "Home" have been curated for you the reader. They can be found elsewhere in news feeds here at MediaRare. We think these stories are especially timely, with your current interests in mind. Thanks are due to the many independent media outlets and journalists who bring us these stories. You can scroll the stories directly in their boxes, or right-click (on a link to the story) to pop out the story into another tab or window of your browser. Please check out "Canadian News" and other tabs for a greater selection of independent news sources and stories. --MR

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Passage | The Latest

WS | COMER vs. BANK of CANADA lawsuit

Moneysense | Canadian housing market puts us all at risk

The Debt Resisters' Operations Manual

Prudent Press | Canada's Shadow Banking System

Canadian Dimension | The blind alleys of "Generation Screwed"

Rushkoff | The best smartphone


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MediaRare wants to be your home for the news, information and resources that are typically missing or under-reported in the mainstream media. 

MediaRare works to deliver the stories and issues relevant to our shared experiences, challenges, and hopes in a world frenzied by economics of greed, consumerism, and corruption.

MediaRare prioritizes content that offers timeless critical context, and themes that incite the values of social justice.

MediaRare aims to match visitors with new venues and voices, so that we all might become better informed and engaged.

MediaRare intends to support and publish original media criticism and analysis, with an aim to exposing corporate bias and complicity in Canadian mainstream media.

Canadian News


The Tyee | Independent News, Culture and Solutions

Passage | Canadian Left-wing perspectives

Canadaland -

National Observer | Critical reporting on Canadian Issues

Yves Engler - Canadian activist and author

Pacific Free Press | Alternative to the dominant narrative

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The Narwhal

Integrity BC | Advancing Legislative Reform

iPolitics | Canadian Politics, Policy, Opinion

Huffington Post Canada

In-Sights - Western Canada Political & Social Issues | "News for the rest of us."

Press Progress | Hard-hitting news and analysis

Ricochet | Public Interest Journalism

J-Source | Canadian Investigative Journalism

Canadian Dimension | Canada’s original magazine of the Left

The Media Co-op - Local Independent News

The Real News | Canada

People's Voice | Canada's leading Socialist newspaper


Corporate Canada News Media List - If you must.

Research & Opinion


Dr. Henry Giroux | Public Interest Scholarship (McMaster U)

Global Research

Douglas Rushkoff | Human Autonomy in a Digital Age

Noam Chomsky | Articles | Voice of the American Left since 1993

Financial Sense

Big Think

Linda McQuaig | Investigative & Public Policy Journalism

Rick Salutin | Contributing Editor, This Magaine

Earth & Environment


Alternatives Journal | Canada's Environmental Voice

The ECOReport | What Works? What Doesn't?

Wilderness Committee | In the News

DeSmog Canada | Clearing the PR Pollution

Ancient Forest News British Columbia

Wilderness Committee | Press Releases

Vancouver Island Big Trees

RADIO ECOSHOCK | Climate news from over 90 radio stations | Earth News

Dogwood News

Global Possibilities

Earth First! Newswire

Nature | Journal of Science

EarthSky | Updates on your cosmos and world

Climate & Capitalism

Elphinstone Logging Focus





Activist Network | Calendar of Events

The Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual

New Socialist : Analysis | Ideas for Radical Change

Fightback Canada | The Marxist Voice of Labour and Youth

Actipedia | A Wiki for Creative Activism

Huffington Post | Canada Activism

Beautiful Trouble

Briarpatch Magazine | Action


Activism | Bookmarks



Chris Hedges on Truthdig | Drilling Beneath the Headlines

YouTube | Renaissance 2.0 - Damon Vrabel - | Radical, hard-hitting, entertaining

Climate & Capitalism

Foundation for Economic Education | Articles

Global Research | Centre for Research on Globalization

Gorilla Radio

The Corbett Report | Open Source Intelligence News

Chicago Reporter | Investigating Race & Poverty since 1972


Capitalism | Bookmarks



News | Democracy Watch

Ralph Nader Radio Hour

The Intercept

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE)


Democracy Now! Videos & Transcripts

#Cdnfoi | Canadian Freedom of Information | Twitter

Wikileaks | News

Edward Snowden | Twitter

MIT Center for Civic Media | Innovating civic media tools and practices together with communities

SourceWatch | Who is shaping the public agenda?

Snowden Archive | Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE)

The Global Muckraker - Investigative Journalism

PR Watch | Investigations into Corporate Corruption





The Oatmeal | Comics, Quizzes, & Stories

Play Online Games

WFMU's recent playlists from The Media Squat with Douglas Rushkoff

Dangerous Minds

NPR | Fresh Air Radio

Cowbird | Daily Stories

Internet Archive | Collections feed 1

Internet Archive | Collections feed 2

Internet Archive | Collections feed 3

Internet Archive | Collections feed 4

Internet Archive | Collections feed 5

Internet Archive | Collections feed 6

Internet Archive | Collections feed 7

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

NPR | Arts & Life Radio

Brave New Films | Challenging corporate media with truth

This Modern World | Weekly cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

UbuWeb | All avant-garde. All the time.

Messy Nessy Chic

National Film Board | Watch movies online

Brain Pickings - Curious mind at large

This American Life

vlogbrothers | Raising nerdy to the power of awesome.

The Corbett Report


Podcasts Podcasts Podcasts

Entertainment | Radio



Bookmarks | Housing

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Frontier Centre for Public Policy

UBCM | Union of BC Municipalities

The Case for a Property Speculation Tax



OpenMedia | Working to safeguard our internet | Open source projects and applications

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies



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CBC | Internet of things

Canadian Progress | Yahoo spied on email customers

Washington Post Feature | In your phone, in their air


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Weather Underground