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School and Class News

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Wecome to First Grade!

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What We're Learning

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Social Studies or Science

We will learn about some of our nation's symbols. Last week we discussed the American flag. This week, we will learn about the:

Ask your child about each one--you will be amazed at the facts that they are learning!!


Reading--Tuesday and Thursday nights
*Your child should read his book to you twice and then retell the story to you.

Math--There will be two types of math homework that will come home this year.
  1. Games--these are to be played at home and nothing is returned to school.
  2. Practice Worksheets--these are to be completed and returned to school by Thursday.

Word Study--Your child will bring home a list of spelling words and optional activities. Although these activities are not required, they do reinforce the learning that is taking place each day and will be beneficial to your child.


We will stretch words so that we can hear and record all the sounds. We will continue to write complete sentences and space between words.

Students are expected to write at least 3 sentences that focus on one topic.

Word Study and Sight Words

This week, we will focus on words that end with: _an, _en, and _un.

Each week your child will be given new sight words to read and write. This week's words are:

was      play      and      can      the



We will read Cookie's Week and will retell the events of the story in order. We will make connections to books that are read aloud in class.

We will begin learning in our small groups! Reading homework will begin Tuesday.


About Mrs. Watts

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We will learn ways to make 7 through addition.

Hello! My name is Holly Watts and I teach first grade at Mountain Springs Elementary. This will be my 7th year to teach. I have taught Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. I received my Early Childhood Education degree from Harding University in 2004 and just completed my Masters in Educational Leadership. I became a teacher because I love kids. Throughout my years of teaching, I have come to the conclusion that being a teacher is the best job in the world. I have the opportunity to learn something new every single day, and oftentimes, my new learning comes from my students. My goal for our kids is to help them become the best that they can be as individuals and as learners. I want our kids to be happy and successful!

Facts About Mrs. Watts

·      My husband is named Justin and we have been married for 8 years!

·      Justin and I have two dogs—Tucker and Titus

o   You will hear a lot about my family this year!!

·      I love to run, swim, and go geocaching.

·      I grew up in New Mexico and Colorado.

·      I am a Christian.

·      I have a brother and a sister.

·      My favorite colors are green, red, and purple.

·      I love to go to the movies.


These are my pups--Titus is on the left and Tucker is on the right.