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Daily Science Classwork


7th grade Science Calendar


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Vocabulary: know all terms below Rules - Respect, prepare, Science terms - qualitative observations, quantitative observations, inferences, hypotheses (plural for hypothesis) Measuring matter 1.mass 2.weight 3.volume-know formula,too Length(L) xWidth(W)xHeight(H) =unit3(cm3,m3, etc) 4.density -know formula,too mass -------- volume 5.displacement-

Mrs. Morrows Syllabus

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Homework policy

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My Homework policy: -For full credit and a possibility of earning all points, it must be turned in on the due date. -Students can get up to 75% of the points earned for one day late. -Students can turn it in for up to a week after the due date for up to 50% of the points earned -No work is accepted after a week. -A 0 will be recorded when NOTHING is turned in.

Extra Credit Opportunities

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Extra Credit for 7th Grade Science coming soon!

Science Fair Info.

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Science Fair Project

Dear Parents,                                                                                                 

In science class it is timeto prepare for the school-wide Science Fair. Each studentin 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will design andperform an experiment. Then, he or she (after showing to a parent) will PRESENTand display the information on a board and write a report to discuss his/herproject. The students have studied the steps needed to investigate a scientific idea, called thescientific method.  Your child haspracticed these steps in scientific thinking and will continue to do sothroughout their science education.  Thisscientific method is the corner stone of investigative thinking.

Attached to this letter is agreat deal of information for the project. Please review the information, guidelines and DUE DATES with your child.Do not let your child wait until thelast week to start this project. Children learn more and produce betterresults when they spend quality time researching and planning their work. Iappreciate your support for this project as we work together in your child’seducation.   


Important Dates:

·        Tuesday, February 23– Bottom Signatures/Information Due- 10 points

·       Tuesday, March 15 Rough draft of steps Purp.- Con

·       Tuesday, April 5th  (Or Beforefor 5 points- or March 24 for 8 points extra) Entire PROJECT DISPLAY BOARD  and REPORT DUE – 200 points total -100 pointseach


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SIGNAND RETURN by Tuesday, __________________________________________


My science fair topic:______________________________________________________


My hypothesis:___________________________________________________________



Explain the quantitative(measurable) data you will collect:________________________




We are aware  the scienceproject is due on or before ___________________________.



__________________________________         ________________________________   Child’s Name                                                             ParentSignature






You will be READY on orbefore the DUE DATE of _______________


1.      Topic-  You may select a general topic such aselectricity, air pressure, plants, chemistry, etc...


2.      Purpose/ Problem/ Question- What are you testing or investigating? Example:Does light color effect plant growth.


3.      Hypothesis -Answer the question. Remember this shows cause and effect and shouldbe written as an if/then statement. Do NOTuse “I think,” “I believe,” etc…

            Example:IF yellow light is placed on a plant, THEN the plant will grow faster.


4.      Title-Createa title for your project.  It can be yourquestion or purpose.

      Example: They Call it Mellow Yellow!


5.      Research- Use books, magazines and the internet to research your topic and write a 2 page report. REMEMBER touse your own words!


6.      List-Sources must be listed in a bibliographyform. You must have at least 3 sources. List the author, title publisher andthe date. For the internet, list the website, the website or article's authorand the date accessed.


7.      Vocabulary- Find and define 20 choice words. These words relate to your project.They are to be listed in alphabetical order.


8.      Materials-List all materials and amounts used in the  experiment.


9.      Procedures- List every step involved in your project. Be complete here and checkto make sure steps are in order.  (Hint:First step: “Gather __________________.”)


10.Variables- . After your procedure,list the independent variable, dependentvariable and controlled variables.


11. Data table or Chart- Example:








12.DO experiment/ Collect data-Follow yourprocedures and collect and record your data and results in your data table.



13. Graph-Makea graph or graphs to show information collected during your project.  This information shows the results of yourtests.  Make sure your graph has a title,axis labels and proper numeric intervals.


14. Conclusion-Tell what you found out during your experiment Was your hypothesiscorrect or incorrect? State results oncharts, graphs, etc… to support your conclusion. You must also include atleast one statement about WHY this information is may be useful. Finallydiscuss any errors.

15.Display board-

16.Report- This report must have areport cover and BE TYPED.


















17. Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling – Is this project easy to read?  A formal writing style should be used. (Noslang.  Avoid use of first person.)   Students should proof read papers severaltimes to eliminate errors.


18. Neatness – Overall look of the project should be attractive and neat.  It must be TYPED or in INK.

19. Presentation—Remember this part of your project should be practiced.  Prepare yourself by  speaking clearly, loudly and makingeye-contact when presenting the project. 




Science Project     Rough Draft






Science Project EvaluationSheet


Name ____________________________________


Board Display

Title- clearly written, includes name and hour                        _____ (5)

Hypothesis- cause and effect, an “if /then”statement           _____ (10)

Materials- everything listed                                                    _____ (5)

Procedures- ALL steps included, in order                              _____ (10)

Variables- independent and dependent                                  _____ (10)


Data Table                                                                               _____(10)

Graph,   labeled,useful                                                           _____ (10)

Conclusion- hypothesis correct or incorrect andresults

            restatedto support conclusion, errors/extension         _____(10)

Neatness- readable, nice looking, typed                                 _____(10)

Grammar/ Punctuation/Spelling                                              _____ (10)

Presentation                                                                            _____(10)



TOTAL                                                                                   _____(100)