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Strategies for Success

Come to class on time and prepared

Organize your binders and folders

Come to class with questions to let me know what you do not understand.  We will review!!

Complete all homework assignments!  I can figure out what you do not understand by looking at your work.  If you have a blank page, I will not know how to help you!

Begin with the end in mind.  Set goals for yourself and always try your best to reach them.  Don't hesitate to ask a teacher or a peer for help.




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SCIENCE periods 1 & 3


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PERIOD 1 Homework

PERIOD 3 Homework

Please use Concepts & Challenges glossary to define:

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Unit 1 - Scientific Method

Unit 2 - Measurement

Unit 9 - Energy


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Unit 9 ENERGY Terms continued

7) energy conversion - the change from one form of energy to another

8)  sound energy - energy caused by an object's vibrations

9) mechanical energy - the total energy of motion and position. Potential and kinetic energy are  kinds of mechanical energy.
10)  thermal energy - heat energy due to random motion of particles that make up an object

11)  solar energy - sunlight can be changed to electrical energy through solar cells

12)  hydropower - water energy - potential energy of water is changed to kinetic energy as it moves through a dam or turbine
13)  geothermal energy - thermal energy created by the heating of the Earth's crust

14)  wind energy - kinetic energy of wind is converted to electrical energy

15)  electrical energy - the energy of moving electrons

16)  renewable energy - a source of energy that can be replaced more quickly compared to what we use 
17) nonrenewable energy - a source of energy that cannot be replaced, or is replaced at a much slower rate compared to what we use 
18) biomass - organic matter such as plants, wood, and waste that can be burned to release energy

19) fossil fuels - a nonrenewable energy resource formed from the remains of organisms that lived long ago


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Chemistry: **Use these to complete Element Trading Card**

Coaster Creator

Just For Fun:
Ology - AMNH
Discovery Kids
National Geographic Kids
PBS Zoom Science Activities
Steve Spangler Science 


Current Events:

*You may use any middle school level science magazines* 

Science News for Students

DOGO News 

Smithsonian Tween Tribune (please choose science-related articles)


Cool Math 

Hooda Math


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