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Gore Creek

I am sitting on a rock in the middle of Gore creek. This creek runs through Vail Village and it is fed by the snow melting off the mountain. As you can imagine, it is extremely cold water. The altitude of Vail however means that the sun is very hot and it doesn't take long to warm up and dry.

My Daughter.. and my MOM

My daughter and my mother went to New York. They did not include me on their trip. That was o.k. because I took my vacation in Vail, and you all know how I feel about Colorado. I never thought of New York as a sunny place. It is obvious here that the sun came out for my mom and Lisa.

Giddy Up!

This is my friend from college. We have known each other for more than twenty years! She was in my wedding and I was the maid of honor in hers. We still talk everyday, Sometimes twice a day! Its too bad that she lives so far away or I would make her come in and meet all of you!!!

Riding on the Mountain

This was one of the best days of my life. I was in Vail, and it was my birthday. I spent three weeks with my college room mate. We had a blast! We went riding for four hours with a guide. When we were way up in the mountains, we stopped the horses and got off. There was a mountain spring, and we drank from it.

Just Me!

Most of the time when some one takes my picture I think it stinks. This picture was taken 11-28-06. I was in the 8th grade science room. Mrs. Maura actually took the picture. Maybe she should quit teaching and become a photographer... NOT!


The beautiful view after a long hike taken by Dennis Foley.

On Top of The World!

In the summer, I visit Vail. I usually go in July. I have a friend there who is a master hiker and he always takes me on a hike. This is Dennis. If you ever go to Vail, stop in at Bart and Yeti’s and say hello to Dennis from me!



About Me ( Professionally )


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B.A. from Lourdes College in Psychology(63 credit hours) 1989 B.A. from Modonna University in English and Elementary Education 2002 M.S.from Capella University 2013 PHD in Educational Psychology at Capella University.

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Contract Employee 2012


“Differentiation” is making sure that the right student gets the right learning tasks at the right time."

ASCD Contract Employee 2012


My Class Room- Brace Lederle

Southfield Public Schools

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Educational Psychology

Lourdes College Graduate

Why Use Protopage

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Meet the Students Where They Are

Teen Internet Use

Teen Social Networking Use

What Teens do on Facebook

What Else Happens on Facebook

Parental Concerns and Controls

What Kids Think About Facebook Parental Controls

The results are clear: teens use Facebook. It isn’t necessarily the safest place to play (but then again, that’s part of the appeal) and parents are reasonably concerned. But even with dominant trends and statistics showing what the average family thinks, your family is unique. Kids are unique, parenting styles are dynamically different, and how your family addresses social networking should be too. The best Facebook parental controls can help you protect your children in a way that fits your family best, whether it’s for strict oversight, minimal monitoring, or somewhere in between.


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Make Connections

Use Protopage to encourage students to see the bigger picture. Teach how are subjects content and themes related



The psychology of learning tells us that learning will be retained longer and easier if strong neural pathways are created. Using multiple modes of processing will create more effective learning by building stronger neural connections.




Differentiated Instructions requires that the learning style of each student is taken into consideration. Students should be allowed to both obtain and display new knowledge in their preferred style. Protopage offers a plethora of ways to address all learning styles.





Increase student collaboration with exciting projects.


Students need a purpose for their work. While creating a web page can not be the sole purpose for learning content, it does provide added incentive and purpose for the student.

Lesson Ideas for ELA

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Reader Response

Assign a response to a reading selection that students will post on their protopage Text to self Text to text Text to world

Author's Page

1. Create a new tab. 2. Change the title to the name of your author. 3. Research biographical information about you author. 4. Locate images of or related to your author. 5. Post 5 images with text. (must have title and five descriptive senteces explaining the picture) 6. Post a Rich text note about the authors childhood. 7. Post a sticky-note listing authors works.


Write a sentence that includes your spelling or vocabulary words. Underline the word in the sentence.

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Theme song

Create a page for a book review.


1.      Locate a picture of the book and upload.

2.      Locate the lyrics to a song that embodies the theme. Copy and paste the clean lyrics into an html widget.

3.      Add a widget of your choice that explains the connection between the song and the theme.


Example was Eminem’s I’m not Afraid as a theme song for Tears of a Tiger.

Anchor Unit

Create a number of cards with research topics. When students have completed the classroom assignment they move on to the anchor unit. They add a widget with a photo which detains the information they learned about their topic in their own words. Students may also include a book mark to the webpage.


Peer Editing

Write an essay and post it on your Protopage work through the editing process with a peer.


Visual Writing Prompts

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When learning is connected to emotion, good or bad, content is remembered at a better rate.


Uh Oh.

This little puppy is in so much trouble! He didn't think about the consequences before he tore up the pillow. Have you ever done something without thinking about the consequences? How did it work out for you?

If I had a million dollars

If i had a million dollars I would buy your love, or would I? Is your love for sale? Do you think it is ever ok to like some one because they have money? What life experience do you have with this?

Tell me...

I finally got it.

This little puppy really wanted the food that was left on this plate. What have you wanted so badly that you would be willing to work really hard to get it? Describe how you worked really hard and let us know it you finnally got what you wanted.

I know I can do it.

Some problems seem so difficult, it feels like we will never find the solution. We work hard and keep trying and eventually we solve the problem. What problems have you faced that you didnt think you would solve and then found out you could? Tell us about it.

Book Hug

Have you ever read a book you absolutely loved? What was it? What about it made you fall in love with it?


What is this man doing and why did some one take his picture like this? Use your imagination and please explain it to me.

I can read your mind

What super power would you like to have and how would you use it?

Oh Yes!

What is your idea of the best week end ever? Tell us all about it. Don't leave out any of the juicy details!

Lessons for Social Studies


Student Exemplars

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Bill of Rights

Students worked together to create a tab on their web page that would demonstrate their knowledge about the current social studies unit. Students presented the page to the class.


Smart board Collaboration


Selecting Relevant

The Understanding Tab-

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Tragedy causes Change

Use a web page to help student connect multiple topics to a greater thematic understanding. These student examples help unpack the larger ideas of tragedy.

Thunder Cave

In Thunder Cave, Jacob's mom dies. It is a tragedy. His dad is in Africa and his step dad doesn't want to take care of him any more. Jacob decides to run away to Africa to find his Father. He meets an Masi and almost gets killed. Jacob experiences many tragedies and grows up alot because of them.

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There was a Hurricane in New Orleans. The waters were high and much of the land was under water. Peoples lives were changed. They used to have houses and money , but it was all washed away. Lots of people lost family members.


Some people had to move to another state where they had family to take care of them and some lived in shelters untill they could find a new place to live. The kids didn't even go to school untill they could find a new place to have classes. They learned that life can end and change quickly.



When the twin towers were hit by airplanes, It was a tragedy. They collapsed and people died. Our world was changed. We started to worry about terrorists. We had security checks at airports and a system for alerts. Life will never be the same after this tragedy.

Drugs and Death

One kind of tragedy is when someone takes drugs. They get addicted to them. Whitney Houston did this and it changed her life. She went to rehab and tried to get better but she died from her addiction.

Foot Ball

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An Unusual Saturday!

Today is a very unusual day for a Saturday. It is November and it is going to be 60. I didn’t even where a coat to school. Yes I said school. I am teaching Saturday school. I told you it was unusual. It is also unusual because it is college game day and I don’t know who is playing who and when.

            I am a major college football fan and Saturday school surely gets in the way. My buckeye team is undefeated which is great but they are in trouble so they are not eligible for a BCS bowl game. That is super sad because the rest of the Big Ten teams are not playing very well. Not one of them is in the top 25.


Beginning the Process

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Getting Started Grade 4 +

Personal Protopage Grades 4+

1.      Create a generic email for the class

2.      All protopages must be created with this email

3.      Demonstrate the registration process and introduce the concept of URL and Search engine.

4.      Define

5.      URL

6.      Search engine

a.       Protopage

b.      Tab

c.       Title

d.      Widget

e.       Sticky note

7.      Students should wait to be activated, then load a sticky note and change the title of their page. The first page is used as a way to get to know the students and pre assess interest, readiness and learning style.

Give students interest survey questions

Have students type the answers to their questions in a sticky note.


A Class Page

Register and log into your page, clean it off, and choose your content. I like to have students rotate being in charge of the class page. They are responsible for uploading editing and approving content. You will just oversee and maintain control. You can open individual tabs for the students to work on and give assignments.


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