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Fair testing

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To blow 2 different Bubble gums and see which Bubble gum blows the biggest bubble consestently. We will measure it with a ruler width ways. The bubble gum will be chewed 2 minutes. Luke will be blowing the bubbles. While Simon is measuring the bubble with a ruler.Daryl will be timing and recording the measurments.

Simons hypothesis

Simon thinks that the hubba bubba will overtake the 2 in 1 bubble gum in bubble size.


> the time of chewing the gum > the same person blowing the bubbles > the measurment eg inchs, cms. > how hard we blow the bubble.


Luke thinks that the 2in1 super will blow the biggest bubbles

Variable to be changed.

Time period of chewing the gum.

Daryls hypothesis

Daryl thinks that the hubba bubba will over take the 2 in 1 super gum in bubble size.

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To blow the biggest bubble with 2 different gums...



Lukey G



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Hubba bubba results

Hubba Bubba Test 1: 7.6 Test 2: 8.1 Test 3: 9.2 Test 4: 8.8 2 in 1 super gum Test 1: 4.6 Test 2: 1.1 Test 3: 2.3 Test 4: 2.5

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