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Born & Raised

Nikki Giovanni was Born in Knoxville, Tennessee on June 7th, 1943 to the name Yolande Cornelia Giovanni Jr. SHe was born in the Knoxville General Hospital. She grew up in "Lincoln Heights". Which was in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her parents were Yolande Cornelia Sr. and Jones "Gus" Giovanni.

Schools & Education.

Giovanni completed 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade at Oak Avenue school. Then she had to move to a different school which was St. Simon School for the 4th grade and later finished 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade. Giovanni entered Lockland High School for 9th grade eventually.

The Name Nikki!!??

The Name Nikki Came from Giovanni's Younger sister. When Giovanni was 3 her sister began to call her Nikki for unknown reasons. Soon everyone else began to call her the same thing.


Nikki Giovanni as A Child!

Nikki Giovanni As A Teenager.


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Nikki had one child. It was a boy. His name was Thomas Watson Giovanni. Thomas was born right after Giovanni's book Black feeling Black Talk was published.

Lung Cancer

Nikki, her mother and sister all got diagnosed with lung cancer. Luckily she didnt die of it like her mother and sister did.

Family Fact.

Nikki's Mother and Sister got diagnosed with lung cancer and they both had died.

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Family fact.

Nikki's really wanted to live with her grand parents instead of her family. so that she could have better eduction.



Niki & her Sister!


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other books.

some other books by Nikki Giovanni are "Ego Trip", "Blackalicious", "Soft Black Song", "Urgency For Black People" and many more.

Black feeling Black talk

Nikki's book black feeling Black talk was one of the most famous books that she had written. This book was also her first book to ever be published. Thats probably why its so famous. Black feeling Black talk was published in 1968.


Girls In The Circle




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My Opinion

I think that Nikki Giovanni is a great poet to be a woman. Her poetry is cute and it always make sense. Not only is she a poet but she also writes books as a side career. I really like the fact that even though she is kind of famous she still works at a public college in Virginia. She has respect for others and not just herself.

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Thug Life

Nikki Giovanni Loves Tupac Shakur. She got an Tattoo to Honor him. The tattoo says "Thug Life" Once Tupac Shakur Died she wrote a Poem about him. Well basically for him.





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