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Try our new multi level to-do lists - you can even drag items between different lists! (drag to-do items by their check boxes).

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The word "orchis" was first used by Theophrastos, in his book "De historia plantarum". He was a student of Aristotle and is considered the father of botany and ecology.

Our Sci Test

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To see if adding sugar, salt or baking soda to water changest its heating properties.


Straight water will be the fastest to heat.

What variable will be changed?

The liquid will change everytime

How the heat temperture will be kept constant

We kept the temperture constant by heating the liquid with the blue flame for all the tests and heating the equipment before all the tests.

How the amount of liquid will be keeped constant

We kept the amount of liquid constant by carefully measuring 100ml of water with a measuring cylinder.

How the starting liquid temperture will be kept constant

we have to make sure the water we use is out of the same cold tap we will also measure and record the starting temp of the water.


1. Get all equipment and ingredients. 2. Measure 100ml of water into the mearing cylinder then tip into the Beaker. 3. Heat the first liquid (plain water) cheaking the starting liquid. 4.Timing 3mins, cheaking the theteperture when the time is up. 5.Dispose of the liquid & clean the beaker. 6.Test the same amount 7. 8.

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