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Crash is a middle school student who loves to play football. he is the star running back for his school.Crash is a very big bully he likes to pick on penn web. He likes a girl name Jane but she cant even stand him. his best friend is Mike and he plays on the football team too.


Crash is like a bull in a china shop. Crash as sensitive as a fly.

Crash friends

Mike is his best friend. He is on the football team with Crash.Emmit Smith he is a running back to he is rushing champion of the Nfl.Ladanian Tomlinson he is the running back of the san diego chargers and he has the rushing touchdown record same as Crash.

Details of Crash

Crash's grandfather scooter came for a vist and suddenly he ended up in the hospital. Crash was playing football with his grandpa and Crash tackled Scooter and then Scooter had a collapse. Crash was in his football game.and he needed 1 more touchdown to break the single season touchdown record.and on the next play he scored it but Scooter had not record the touchdown and Crash was very upset. Crash was at his track meet.It was his Penn Relays the championship of his league. He was going against his arch rival Penn Webb. He had saw Penns grandfather at the races.So he let Penn Webb Win for his grandfather.


i think when Crash grows up he is going to be the greatest runningback ever.He is going to be in the nfl and going to be a superbowl champion.


Bull in china shop

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I think im knowledgeable cause i always get good grades and i show respect. and i study very hard for all my tests


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vanessa hudgens

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steve nash

the playmaker



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The word "orchis" was first used by Theophrastos, in his book "De historia plantarum". He was a student of Aristotle and is considered the father of botany and ecology.


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