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About Me

My name is Timothy Osebold, future teacher. I attended Oakland University for the College of Education and Human Services. At Oakland, I majored in Elementary Education with a certification major endorsement in science. I graduated from Oakland University in December 2015.


For my year long teaching internship, I was placed in the Troy School District at Schroeder Elementary in Troy Michigan. During my internship as a 5th grade student teacher, I was responsible for planning an implementing engaging and stimulating lesson plans in all subject areas, incorporating Visible Thinking routines according to curriculum requirements and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). At Schroeder, I was able to establish and maintain strong relationships with students by providing an inviting an organized classroom environment. 

Contact Info

Timothy M. Osebold




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Visible Thinking

For this two day lesson, students used the Chalk Talk routine sharing the thoughts about the recent events from the story, Edward's Eyes.

The lesson continues the following day when the students "Stepped Inside" to further comprehend the true emotions and feelings of the characters for a writing response.They then used the Micro Lab Protocol to decide as a group which student will star and share to the whole class as we catch up with the character.


Visible Thinking Chalk Talk Routines

Chalk Talk

Chalk talk based on the characters from Edward's Eyes.

Chalk Talk

Students complete the chalk talk routine.

Step Inside

Student sharing their step inside from the author chair. Each group then decided who would share to the whole class.

Step Inside Sharing

A student shares her Step Inside after be chosen by her group.

Interpreting Characters

Tug of War

The students completed this tug of war answering the question, "Should August attend Beecher Prep?"

Strategies for Powerful Comprehesion

These charts were created during our reading lessons. The students can refer back the charts at anytime.

Text Talking

These prompts help students with their text talking. They used text talking to back their claim based on what they're reading.

Social Studies

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Students explore how the people delegate power in our federal system.


Federalism Generate Sort Connect

Completed GSC.

Federalism Generate Sort Connect

Students are sorting actions and powers of Federal, Shared, and State government.

Federalism Generate Sort Connect

Generate Sort Connect

Students sorting government powers.

Generate Sort Connect

Sorting governmental powers.

Exploring Native American Cultures

Students pose with items Native American use and wear while studying Native American culture.


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Math Practices


Math - Small group instuction

Working with small groups to further instruction.

Math - Small groups


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The Human Body Unit

Students sorted and labeled bones of the human skeleton. They then showed off their creativity decorating their skeletons.


See Think Wonder

Students completed the see think wonder routine after watching the Mentos and soda experiment.

See Think Wonder

The Human Body Unit

The Human Body Unit

The Human Body

The Human Body


MSAA 2014



Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

Session 10

Session 11

Session 12 Welcome Back!

Session 13 Final Meeting!

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Contact Information

Mr. Jim Licht
Secondary Math Consultant
TEC Curriculum Consultant

Mrs. Laura Chambless
Elementary Science/Math Consultant

Mr. Timothy Osebold
Co-Teacher K-8 Science/Math

A.M. Norms

1. Respect others and their property.

2. Limit interruptions.

3. Be safe.

4. Have fun with a good attitude.

5. Help others.

P.M. Norms

1. Stay on task.

2. Be respectful of others and the property.

3. Help others.

4. Have fun.

5. Be responsible and safe.

MSAA 2014

Middle School Academic Academy
Math and Science

       Alternative Energy

Username: training    Password: workshop

Puff Car Restrictions

Challenge Restrictions Materials & Tools
Design and build a device that can go the furthest  - You may not push or throw your device. Only one puff - Scissors
distance with only one puff of air.    of air can propel your device down the track. - 2 feet of masking tape
     - 3 straws
- You may only use the materials and tools provided. - 1 sheet of paper
- 4 life savers
  - You must use ALL of the materials.      - 2 paperclips


A.M. Bridge Building Winner!

Congrats Jack, Noah, Sylvie, Anusha! The longest bridge in the class with 69cm! Wow!

A.M. Best Structure (Safety)

Billy, Samantha, Andrew and Justice built a very stable bridge structure.

P.M. Bridge Building Winner!

Congrats! Alex, Bryson, Matt, and Analese had the longest bridge with 48cm. Great Job

P.M. Best Structure (Safety)

I'd feel safe to cross your bridge Curtis, Patricia, Joseph, and Breanna


A.M. Puff Car WINNER!

Congrats Anusha!! The furthest traveling design of the whole day!

P.M. Puff Car WINNER!

Great Job Bryson! Fantastic engineering!

A.M Launcher Winners!

Congrats Lexie, Sylvie and Nolan!! Your engineering skills made one strong and sturdy sling shot! Great work!!

P.M. Launcher Winners!

Great job Aaron and Nathan! Not only did your design win for the P.M. class but it was one of the most unique designs all day! Very impressive!

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Interactive (Games, video clips, etc.)

Math Resources




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Mathematical Practices

Social Studies Resources


Curriculum GLCES


Schroeder Elementary S.T. 2015