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Monthly Message

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Principal's Message

Spring is here! We hope you enjoyed your spring break. The students have much to learn before summer vacation! We look forward to seeing you at our May Family Reading NIght and the many school activities planned for the last quarter of the school year.


Balto - Real Life Hero

Chocolate Pancake Breakfast

SNOW Better Time to Read!

Check out more cool pics under the March is Reading Month 2010 tab!

Golden Ticket Winners

Kindergarten VIP Day

Eating Green Eggs and Ham!

Chocolate Pancake Breakfast

5th Grade Math time

Chocolate Pancake Breakfast

Kdg VIP Day

Making Puppy Chow

Word Work is fun!

Practicing my spelling words!

Writing is more fun on the floor!

Kindergarten Face Words

Board games help us learn many things

Top Fund Raisers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

2nd Grade Science Lesson

12 Days of School

Winter Sing-a-long

Fall Art

Reading my favorite books!

Preschool Class

Upcoming Dates

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Box Tops/Soup Labels/Pop Tabs

Holden's Student Council collects throughout the year Box Tops worth 10 cents each Campbell's Labels worth 10 cents each Pop tabs worth 1 cent each Funds from the box tops and labels go the PTPO and help fun field day in May and student assemblies. Money raised from the pop tabs goes to Children's Hospital in Detroit. Spread the word and keep collecting!



Lunch with the Principal

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Give Me 5 Winners

On March 3rd Mrs. Priemer and several students enjoyed pizza and pop together! Here are a few pictures! Each student was randomly selected from their classroom's Give Me 5 Bucket. Every student can earn a Give Me 5 ticket by demonstrating outstanding citizenship. Our next luncheon is Wednesday, April 14th.


After school Clubs 2009-2010

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Dance Club

We are pleased to offer Dance Club led by Miss Tina Dushaj, Miss Elvisa Salkic and Miss Alana Vitale.This club will teach students basic dance moves, but more importantly about perseverence, friendship skills, cooperative learning skills, following directions, and leadership skills. These skills will build a strong foundation for our students.

Basketball Club

We are very happy to offer Basketball Club again this year. Mr. Bill Piscopink and Mr. Ed Youngs will be leading this club. Students will learn key basketball skills, but more importantly how handle conflict appropriately, the need to follow rules, cooperative learning skills and friendship skills. These skills will help our students for a life time.

Science Club

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Science Club

Science Club meets after school to learn about super cool stuff! In October they learned about tornadoes, hurricanes and other storms. In November they learned about rockets. Students were able to launch a rocket using water pressure. What will the next after school science club be about?


Launching Rockets

March is READING MONTH 2009

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March Activities

Holden's theme this year is "Be a Reading Star". Throughout the month we will have guest readers, fun activities, tie dye t-shirts, many contests and prizes to celebrate all the great things about reading. Check out the jam packed March calendar for special days and super exciting events! Hope to see you as a VIP reader at school!


Parent Volunteer

Heather Zara

100s Day

Parent Volunteer

Button Tapestry

Thanks Ms. Marshall for leading this project!

Famous Visitors

Students and staff dressed up as famous stars from athletes to singers to politicians!

Enjoying a good book!

Reading is relaxing!

Peaceful reading!

Mrs. Kuhn & students

5th graders enjoy getting cozy with a good book!

Ms. Razouki & students

Parent Volunteers

Thanks to our many parents that helped with tie-dying shirts for the students and staff!

Holden Halloween Fun


Looking Pretty!

Carrots - a healthy snack!

Boa Beauties!

School/Parent Compact

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Sticky note

Parent Involvement Plan 2009 -2010 Holden Elementary We are committed to working together to provide the best education for your child. Please review our current Parent Involvement Plan. We encourage and need your input in making our school the best it can be. Thank you for staying involved in your child's education. We look forward to a successful year. If you have any questions, please call our school. Holden Elementary (586) 825-2670 The Faculty of Holden Elementary is committed to providing a quality education for all students and to recognizing the essential role of parents and the value of their input. To help parents understand the state’s academic content standards, the state’s academic achievement standards and local academic assessments. Opportunities will be provided for parental input on the implementation of programs and activities that are supported by the Title I program. Provide parents with the opportunity to have input in the Parent Involvement Plan at the district level and at their child’s school. Provide parents with a copy of the Parent Involvement Plan via the • Student Handbook, Curriculum Night, and the September newsletter • Provide parents with opportunities to give input and suggestions for revision of the district or school plan through a variety of ways. • Provide parents with a copy of the District’s Parent Involvement Plan. Provide outreach to parents of our students who are English Language Learners (ELL) so they can be involved in their child’s education. • Follow the district Limited English Proficient Plan • Assist the district in identifying any ELL student. • Coordinate with various agencies to assist parent of ELL students. • As far as possible provide pertinent school information in the parents’ native language. • Hold monthly meetings with our ELL parents to explain monthly newsletters and school events. Provide an opportunity for parents to give their input on our itle 1 a School-Parent Compact that is to be implemented annually and shall include: the school’s responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment; the way in which each parent will be responsible for supporting their child’s learning; and addressing the importance of ongoing communication between teachers and parents. • Review the School-Parent Compact annually for revisions • Provide opportunities to review the Compact with parents during Curriculum Night and Parent Teacher Conferences. Provide notice and information under the “Parents Right to Know” requirements to all parents, in Title I schools, in an understandable and uniform format and to the extent practicable in a language parents can understand. • Notify parents through building annual report, newsletters, PTPO meetings and other means that the faculty and staff are highly qualified and met required standards. • The school will notify parents, via a letter, with students in classrooms of teachers that are currently not in compliance with Highly Qualified Requirements. Provide opportunities for parent involvement capacity building at the district and school level. • Provide volunteer orientations for all parents interested in volunteering. • Provide activities at a variety of times. • Provide childcare for parent workshops. • Conduct an annual parent survey requesting parental input on workshops. • Utilize a variety of communication techniques to enhance parent participation. • Provide opportunities for community-based organizations and businesses to support the capacity building efforts of parent involvement. • Provide opportunities to evaluate and identify barriers to successful parent involvement.

March is READING MONTH 2010

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SNOW Better Time to Read! Many fun events are planned for this month. Check your students notes for weekly events! March 1 - Opening Ceremony March 2 - Ice Skating March 17 - 1st Grade VIP Day March 19 - 2nd Grade VIP Day March 23 - Author Visits March 26 - Closing Ceremony March 30 - Kindergarten VIP Day




SNOW sled races

Special SNOW DAWGS from the 5th grade pulled teachers in a sled race! Another fun winter activity!

Dad and I skating!



Seniors' Volunteer

Several students volunteered their time to help beginning skaters.

Help! I'm being turned into a snowwoman!


Photo upload

Skating is fun!

Photo upload



My teacher SNOW Cool!


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Learning to skate!

Warren/Sterling United Varsity Hockey players helped beginning skaters!

My teacher is SNOW Cool!

Opening Ceremony Activity

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Holiday Craft Night

Holiday fun is happening at Holden Elementary! Be a part of the December 6th after school craft activities sponsored by our PTPO.

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