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Protopage is based in London, England.

If you would like to contact us or leave feedback, please do so here. We love to hear from you!

You can keep up-to-date with Protopage developments by visiting our blog

If you have not yet tried Protopage, click here to create your own free page.


We don't know how you found us, but welcome!
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We recommend you use the Internet Explorer 7, Firefox or Opera web browsers for the best possible Protopage experience. Download Firefox here Download Opera here

For web site owners

If you run a web site, find out  how to encourage visitors to return by letting them easily add your website to their Protopage

Pictures and Wallpaper

To find out how to upload your own pictures and wallpaper to your Protopage, click here

Toolbar button

Click here for instructions on adding a Protopage It! button to your toolbar

Toolbar button

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How to get your toolbar button

Internet Explorer Instructions
  1. Right click on your toolbar area and make sure the 'Links' toolbar is ticked (see diagram)
  2. Right click this link, Protopage it!, and choose 'Add to Favorites'. Click 'Yes' if you get a warning message.
  3. Choose 'Create in' and choose the 'Links' folder. Click 'OK'.
Firefox Instructions
  1. Go to the 'View'->'Toolbars' menu and make sure the 'Bookmarks Toolbar' is ticked (see diagram)
  2. Right click this link, Protopage it!, and choose 'Bookmark this link'.
  3. Click the down arrow to see a complete list of folders, choose the 'Bookmarks Toolbar Folder' and click 'OK'
Now visit any of your favorite web sites, and use your new 'Protopage It!' button to quickly and easily add it to your Protopage.

Protopage It!

Web page button

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Put an Add-to-Protopage button on your web site

Encourage return visits to your site

Put an 'Add to Protopage' button on your web site, and make it easy for your visitors to return more often.
Fill in these fields to create your own button:
The name of your site (e.g. My Site)
The address of your site (e.g.
Tick this box if your site is a blog and it carries an RSS or ATOM news feed
Click to create the code
If you have any questions or need any help with putting the Add-to-Protopage button on your web site, please contact us here

Note: if your site carries a news feed and does not support automatic RSS/ATOM feed detection, you should specify the direct url of the news feed as the site address.

Uploading wallpaper

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Putting WALLPAPER on your Protopage

If you have a wallpaper picture you would like to use, upload it to ImageShack.

Copy the 'Direct link to image' text that ImageShack gives you, then select Colors/Settings from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, choose Wallpaper Image and paste it into the wallpaper url box. Once you click OK, you may need to refresh the page to see your new background - if it is a large image you may have to wait a while for your browser to load it.


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