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New and better things coming to this area

Megan Egge

Editor `09


    As you may have seen, there is a lot of construction going on right next to the Clay Township Police station.  I personally contacted Mike Pellerito from the Clay Township offices and also Mark Thompson who is a D.D.A. (Downtown Development Authority) chairman.   I asked them both about this construction.  There is a lot more to be expected from this project than many think!

   According to Mike Pellerito, this is a three-year project. They are going to be putting in four main play areas; a basketball court, ice and street hockey rink, toddler park, toddler water park and they have already put in the walking path.  Along with the play areas they are putting in a concession stand and a pavilion. “This sounds like a huge project, I doubt it will be done soon because construction seems like its taking a long time lately, but I will definitely go check it out when it is done,” said junior William Wright.

   The walk is already complete and the concession stand will be in place and working by springtime According to Mark Thompson, this will be located on the west side of the park.  They will also begin to build the pavilion and play park.  They may build two pavilions one enclosed with concessions and bathrooms, and the other open this is not certain yet.   The toddler water park will be finished last.

   One interesting thing about the concession stand is that any group, such as the newspaper or yearbook can come in and operate it for a period of time.  The money they make their will go to them and their group. 

   When this park is finished I think it will help our community a lot.  “Many people do not have large back yards to play in and it will also provide for a place for family gatherings,” said Mr. Mike Pellerito.  Hopefully it will draw in people of all ages to the park.  There is a little bit of everything for everyone, from toddler parts, to the basketball courts and the walking path.  “Once they put in the basketball courts I am definitely going to go up there and play,” said freshmen Amanda Rock.    

   Many locals have already begun using the walking path.  With all the things going in here they should not have any problem attracting residents.  There is a little something for everyone no matter what age.RR

Fall Sports 2008

Stephen Ladd

staff writer ‘09  


 With summer and fall approaching quickly, athletes and their coaches are getting ready to compete for the 2008 fall season.

   Like all teams the cross country team is hoping for a strong season next fall.  With many returning runners the team is looking for a promising season.  The runners will start their practicing with informal morning runs the week after the July 4  holiday.  The team captains, senior Ryan Wenk, Carrie Kozel, and Megan Schrader will be organizing the team’s summer workouts along with coach Rick Hornbaker.  The team’s first meet will be The Mariner Invitational on August 30.  Coach Dan Shafer said, “We want both teams to contend for the BWAC title and hopefully qualify for the state finals.”

   After having a close to winning season last year the varsity football team is hoping to get a winning record next year. The first game will be at Notre Dame Prep on August 28. The boys’ first league game will be away against Yale on September 5.  The team will have weight lifting and speed enhancement through out the summer.  The team will start two-a-days in early August.  The team will be doing many fundraisers throughout the summer.  They will be holding a golf outing on June 13, and a lift-a-thon on May 23 to raise money for new uniforms.

   Another team that will be getting ready for the fall season is the boys’ tennis team.  The team will have informal voluntary practices throughout the summer months.  The team will start formal practices for the fall season on August 11, according to coach Jason Lucka.  The boys’ first game meet will be at home on August 21 against Mt. Clemens.

   The varsity volleyball will be preparing for their fall season also.  The team does not have any set dates for practice but they will be attending a camp over the summer.  They will also be having practices throughout the summer.  The girls’ first game will be held on September 3 at home against Saint Clair.

   The last team that will be preparing for the fall season is the boys’ varsity soccer team.  The team will be suiting up for their first game on August 21 at home against Memphis.  The team does no have any set dates for summer practices, but will probably start practicing at the beginning of August as they did last year.RR

Classes continue to grow

Nathan Scott

Staff writer ‘11


   Classes this year have been noticeably larger, with an average of 30 students per classroom, compared to last years about 20 per classroom.

   Sources say that the reason why classes are bigger then last year is because we lost five staff members which spread all the new students to the teachers that were still here.

   Junior Elyse Mckenna says “I think larger class sizes are not good because the teacher doesn’t get a chance to address everyones issues. This could lead to students misunderstanding the classes material.”

   But the maximum limit of the classrooms can only be thirty-three with the exception of physical education, band, and chorus.

   In years time though, class sizes will begin to level out because of things like more seniors graduating, then upcoming freshmen that will be attending our high school.

   Freshmen Miles Stackpoole has this to say “ Oversized classes are a real pain, because half of the people in the room will be talking and then no one can get anything done. It affects peoples grades in general, then the teacher gets mad and everyone ends up getting in trouble.”

   Any teacher with over thirty-three students in a normal class room would be paid extra per student. (Which at this time in the economy, I don’t think any small-town school would be willing to do.)

   Teacher Megan Hinkle gave this as a response, “ I don’t mind the larger class sizes in general, but it definitely affects the amount of time I get to actually teach and get students to do their work. In larger classes it takes more time to get everybody started and to keep them on task, so it inevitably takes away time for a student to learn.”

   Similar events began to happen at Westland and Wayne schools which then led to a teacher strike. Lets hope that this doesn’t happen to our school district. RR

Family column

Emma Metdepenningen

Editor `09


   As I get older, it becomes more clear to me that family is very important. Over the past few weeks I have gotten the chance to spend a lot of time with my cousins.

   My family has always lived a good distance apart from most of my relatives. We live in Algonac, and my closest relatives are my two cousins Rayce and Kyle, in Marine City. Our families have always been close to each other. Usually every Sunday our families get together after church, eat breakfast, and watch the NASCAR race.

   Now that I am older and have my drivers license, it has become much easier to hang out with my cousins. Before when we went to the movies, I would usually have to get a ride from my cousin or my mom. Now I can drive myself, and we can do other things.

   So far, my cousins Matthew, Katherine, Rayce, Kyle and I have gone to two different cider mills. We have made it our goal to hit every cider mill around before fall ends. Matthew loves to take pictures of everything. He is really great at snapping pictures when you are not paying attention. No matter how much my face hurts from smiling, it is well worth it.

   On the other hand, my sister Amanda is different. She does not hang out with the cousins as much. She is usually busy with work or has previous engagements. I just wish that she would realize that all of her cousins and I miss her.

   Take the time while your still young to make memories with all of your family, not just your cousins. Go the lame partes that your family has and make them fun. Now is the time to make memories that will last a lifetime.rr

Tossing away the tiles

Veronica Wickman

Staff Writer `09


   As we wait for the new renovations from the $3.1 million approved bond, the ceiling tiles are one of the first improvements.

   In the Art class at Algonac High School, the students do many art projects. If they finish with a project they can work on something else. For years Art teacher Mr. Gregory Jones and cooperating teachers and principals, have allowed Jones’ students to get a ceiling tile and paint it. He even allowed his Advanced Art class to paint the ones in his room.

   Algonac High has decided to replace all ceiling tiles with the bond, including the painted ones. This decision has upset many students, especially the ones who have painted one.

   “I think it is ridiculous that they are getting rid of the ceiling tiles. Students have been painting them for years. It brings color and excitement to the classrooms,” senior Kelsey Walker protested.

   So why is Algonac High School getting rid of those painted ceiling tiles that kids put so much time and effort into? According to Principal Brent Case, there is a new code that will not allow us to keep the decorative ceiling tiles up there. The painted tiles are a fire hazard and the school has to get rid of them.

   Senior Jenna Mathewson says, “For me, the ceiling tiles are something that helped get students involved with the school. It stinks that we have to get rid of them for being a fire hazard. The tiles allowed students to put something they like on the tiles for the school to see. I think that when they take the tiles down, they should keep some and hang them up around the school.”

   Everyone will have their chance to pick up their own painted ceiling tile in June when some of the new renovations begin. Mr. Case said they might inform people in the newsletter. The ones people don’t pick up will get tossed. Art teacher Mr. Jones would like to keep the tiles and sell them in order to raise money for the Art Program.

   “We have to because of fire threat and mold. People that want their ceiling tiles can pick them up in June. They will be sold or destroyed,” said Mr. Jones.

    These tiles bring color and excitement into the classroom. The students really enjoyed painting them and they really enjoy getting lost in the art. The bond, that will update the school, will make changes in the school and as a new class gets ready for graduation, the school gets ready for a change. RR